Velixo NX minimum requirements and considerations

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Velixo NX is the next generation of Velixo reporting - built using the latest extensibility technologies available in current versions of Excel 365 or Excel 2021 (or higher) for Windows, Mac, or Excel Online.


Most requirements echo those for Microsoft Excel.


Minimum OS/Software Requirements 

Windows 11, Windows 10 SAC, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2016 or higher

Mac OS Monterey (v12.3 or higher)
For Mac: Safari version 15.4 (or higher)
Excel 365 (recent version) or Excel 2021 or newer (including Excel for Mac)
MS Account
A Microsoft Account is required to be able to install and use Velixo NX

Minimum System Requirements


Intel or AMD processor 1.6 GHz or faster (2-core)


4GB or more (2GB for 32-bit)

Hard Disk

4GB of available disk space

Note: Microsoft added support for function-based add-ins *after* the release of Excel 2019.  Subscription (Excel 365) users received that update automatically.  For installations which are not based on Excel 365, it is necessary to use Excel 2021 or higher.

Excel custom functions (such as those in Velixo NX) are not supported by: 
- Office on iPad
- Volume-licensed perpetual versions of Excel 2019 or earlier


Velixo NX Considerations

Velixo NX is the next generation of Velixo reporting - built using the latest extensibility technologies available in latest versions of Excel 365 and Excel 2021 (and higher) on Windows, Mac, and on the web.


Each platform (Mac, Online, and Windows) has its own advantages.  There are also certain limitations to using Velixo NX with either Excel for Mac or Excel Online.


Unsupported Velixo Features

  • While Acumatica Generic Writeback is supported by Velixo NX, attachments are not (this requires filesystem access, which is not possible with modern Excel add-ins).
  • The LASTREFRESHBY and LASTREFRESHDATE functions are not yet implemented in Velixo NX
  • Velixo NX requires that the ERP be publicly accessible through the HTTPS protocol.  If, for example, connecting to the ERP requires the use of a VPN or is accessible through only the HTTP protocol, Velixo NX will not be able to establish a connection to that ERP. 

The Velixo team is constantly working on adding new capabilities to Velixo NX.  



  • Velixo NX (2024.4) now includes Beta support for distribution lists

Generic Inquiry Limitations

Both Excel for Mac and Excel Online use web browsers for displaying data (Excel for Mac uses the Safari browser).


With those products, there is a 5MB limit to the amount of data that can be returned/displayed by a single function.  While the number of rows that can be displayed by a Velixo GI() function is also dependent upon the number of columns returned, we have found that this limit translates to somewhere between 25000 and 50000 rows.


VBA Limitations

With Excel for Mac, VBA only supports accessing basic Excel functionality.  It is not currently possible to access the Velixo VBA functions when using Excel for Mac.


Speed Comparison

The time necessary to run a report will vary depending on the platform being used.


While Velixo is always striving to enhance the functionality and performance of all our products, in order to help our customers understand what to expect from each platform, here is a general comparison of the time needed to run the same report using Excel for Windows (with both Velixo Classic and Velixo NX), Excel Online (using Chrome and Velixo NX), and Excel for Mac (using Velixo NX and Excel for Mac's integration with Safari).


(This comparison assumes all other aspects being equal - report, computer speed, etc.)

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