What is "Velixo NX" ?

Velixo NX is the upcoming next generation of Velixo reporting - built using the latest extensibility technologies available in current versions of Excel 365 or Excel 2021 on Mac* and Excel Online.

Velixo NX is currently available as a "Preview Version" for Acumatica 2020 R2 and higher.

Not every feature of Velixo Classic is currently available in NX, and these instructions are primarily meant for early adopters and customers who need to use Velixo reporting on platforms that are not supported by the current generation of Velixo Classic for Windows.

Velixo NX is designed for use with Excel 365 for Mac and Excel Online.

If you use Excel for Windows, please install Velixo Classic.


If Velixo Classic has never been used on this tenant, it is necessary to first configure the inquiries needed by Velixo NX by either connecting to the tenant using Velixo Classic or by installing the Acumatica Customization Project.

Are you using Excel 365 for Mac or Excel 365 Online...

... and want to install Velixo NX?

* Microsoft added support for function-based add-ins *after* the release of Excel 2019. Subscription (Excel 365) users received that update automatically. For installations which are *not* based on Excel 365, Excel for Mac 2021 or higher is needed.

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