MYOB Advanced - Installing the Customization package

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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Velixo Classic
  • MYOB Advanced

Update: The customization package has been updated to accommodate changes introduced in existing and upcoming MYOB versions 2023 R1 and higher (while continuing to support older versions of the ERP). If you currently use one of these newer versions or are planning to upgrade, you will want to make sure you upgrade your version of customization package.

Important Note: This is a MYOB Advanced article only! The customization package only specific code that enables updating the Velixo Customization package.



Velixo provides a customization package to facilitate the configuration process for system administrators. This package is required for use with MYOB Advanced 2024R1 or higher and (even with older versions) for certain Velixo features, such as SSO and General Inquiries functions and provides may valuable integrations within your ERP.

The package includes the Velixo Connected Application Configuration required for:

  • single sign-on
  • the necessary Generic Inquiries used by Velixo
  • as well as the web services needed for Project Forecast Writeback.


Already have the customization package installed?


This article is about installing the Package for the first time, if you already have the package installed, 

please see: Updating the Customization Package.


Downloading and installing the latest Customization Package


The customization must be published in every Tenant that will be accessed from Velixo. This is done from the MYOB Advanced Customization Projects page:



Integrations within your ERP

Velixo Workspace within your ERP

Publishing the customization will add a Velixo workspace which groups together Velixo-related functionality and useful resources.

Note that the workspace is not visible in the side panel by default, but you can pin it for additional convenience:

Useful Velixo Resources

Velixo inquiries and graphs are present and visible in the workspace:

Note that Velixo workspace includes a resources section which provides a convenient way to access our online Help Center, YouTube channel, and Community Forum.

❗Clicking a button such as Help, Videos, or Community will navigate you away from MYOB Advanced.  If pop-ups are being blocked by your browser, a notification will display in the browser's address box.  You need to allow the pop-up and then click the button again.

Exporting Generic Inquiry data

Each page in your ERP that displays data from a generic inquiry now includes an Export to Velixo Workbook button:

Clicking this button downloads a Velixo workbook with the connection and table-mirrored (full mirroring) GI function connected to that inquiry and opens it in Excel with either Velixo Classic (v7.1.42.33793 or higher) or Velixo NX.

This button is available on all ERP screens that are Generic Inquiries (such as Invoices and Memos, AP Bills, or inquiry result sets from the "View Inquiry" button).

Exporting Import Scenarios

A similar button is available on each Import Scenario screen...

... which creates a Generic Writeback workbook in either Velixo Classic (v7.1.42.33793 or higher) or Velixo NX. 

Velixo NX Integration

For users of Velixo NX, clicking the New Velixo Workbook button...

... downloads a blank workbook with a pre-setup Velixo connection, and opens it in Excel.

If you previously had remembered credentials for the same connection, the file is immediately usable:

But if this is the first time you have logged in to this connection, you simply need to enter your credentials in the automatically displayed Connection Editor:

and click the Connect button

Help with importing and publishing a customization project

Assigning the Velixo Roles to Users

In MYOB Advanced 2024R1 and newer, the inquiries you publish are (by default) not accessible to anyone.

To make the rollout process easier for you, our customization package now includes three roles:

  • Velixo Core - to identify the user in Acumatica, use Generic Writeback, access GI functionality etc.
  • Velixo GL - all financial functionality including GL / Budget writeback
  • Velixo PM - all project functionality including PM Forecast writeback

For more information please see: Configuring access rights

Note: The Velixo Customization package (supported by ERPs based on MYOB Advanced 2020R1 and newer) requires Administrator rights to install in your ERP.  

We highly recommend you coordinate this step with your ERP consultant to avoid accidentally unpublishing other existing projects.


For information on how to import and publish a customization project, please refer to Acumatica's documentation:



New Version of the Customization Project

When your version of Velixo requires a newer version of the customization package than is currently published, an informational message will be displayed when a connection is made to the data. You will then have the option to download the latest version of the project.


Using an older version of the Acumatica package will not prevent Velixo from working, but you will not have access to the latest features included in the new version of the package.

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