Velixo NX 2024.4 Release Notes - Sage Intacct

Created by Pavel Kabir, Modified on Mon, 20 May 2024 at 10:49 PM by Damien Zwillinger

Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Sage Intacct

Release date: April 26th, 2024

Build no: 2024.4.107-g4c5b4ef4e5 (or higher)

🚀 New

  • UX
    • The status panel of Velixo NX will now accumulate and display error messages that occurred in Velixo formula cells during refresh, along with a clickable cell address that navigates you to the offending formula. (#4860) This is done on a best-effort and the following limitations apply:
      • Only errors in Velixo formulas can be detected.
      • If a given Velixo formula errors out due to an error in a precedent cell, Excel does not invoke our code at all; therefore, we cannot detect if there was an error.
      • The addresses in the panel will not automatically update if you insert/remove cells to your workbook, but we will try to display a notification that the information in the panel might be outdated.
    • We removed the Freshdesk support widget from the side panel. Upon clicking the help button, we will now direct you to the fully fledged support experience in the browser.  (#4834)
  • Process
    • Velixo NX now experimentally supports the Report Distribution functionality that you know and love from Velixo Classic! (#4752)
      • This functionality is only available on Excel Desktop for Windows and requires installing a separate report distribution agent add-in as a pre-requisite. Download it here.
  • Drilldown:
    • Transaction-level drill-down now also supports statistical accounts (#4879)
    • Similarly to Sage Intacct’s General Ledger report settings, you can now switch between Summary and Details transaction presentation using the Velixo Options panel. When using the “Details” option, the transaction-level drill-down worksheet will display a memo associated with the source document (e.g. AP bill and its reference number). (#4273)
    • In some cases, when the first-level drill-down worksheet only contains a single row, Velixo will now be smart enough to directly take you to the transaction drill-down worksheet. (#4816)
  • Functions:
    • Added new audit functions WORKBOOKLASTREFRESHDATE and WORKBOOKLASTREFRESHBY for better visibility on whether the data in the workbook is up to date.
    • SI.PROJECTESTIMATEAMOUNT and SI.PROJECTESTIMATEQUANTITY now support the IncludeChildDimensions argument that, when set to TRUE, will also include the respective values from child projects and cost codes.
  • Writeback:
    • Experimental support for a generic SI.WRITEBACK function, which allows you to write back arbitrary records to Sage Intacct, including reporting periods, bills, invoices, etc. (#4825)
      • ❗ This functionality is highly technical and has a number of unresolved limitations. Velixo recommends relying on our official templates to be produced shortly until the support becomes more user-friendly.
    • SI.WRITEBACKBUDGET now supports adding notes to each uploaded budget line. (#4844)

✨ Improved

  • UX
    • Velixo now displays a confirmation dialogue when you try to delete a connection. (#4590)
    • The flow of signing you in with Microsoft 365 account has been made more explicit and reliable. (#4797)
      • The “Get started” button on the initial page has been renamed into “Sign in with Microsoft”.
      • If something goes wrong sign in with Microsoft does not work, we have introduced a fallback method of signing in using a one-time code sent to your email.
  • Connection:
    • Velixo will now hint that the first “sign in with Sage” should be done by a user with administrative privileges. This is a current Sage Intacct limitation. (#4916)
  • Functions:
    • It was impossible to run SI.QUERY on objects that contained special fields which could not be queried by integrations like Velixo (e.g. password fields). With a new improvement, Velixo follows a best-effort approach, gradually excluding the fields that are not available through the API. (#4656, #4796)
    • Added a new argument to SI.EXPANDACCOUNTRANGE that allows filtering the resulting account list by a given Quick Start category. (#4818). This option is now used in all of our pre-built Templates, by default.
  • Drilldown:
    • Major improvement in the speed of drill-down table rendering after the data retrieval has completed. (#4720)
    • Better error message displayed when a user attempts to remove the drilldown worksheets in a protected workbook. (#4611)
    • Velixo will now correctly include drill-down rows where debit and credit activity cancel each other. (#4736)
    • Improved performance of Sage Intacct drill-down by batching several API requests together. (#4682)
    • In the second-level transaction drill-down, the dimension columns are now collapsed in a data group by default (can be expanded on demand). (#4758)
  • Calculation:
    • The “Cancel refresh” operation became more responsive. (#4104)
    • More stable calculation behavior in workbooks containing Auto-Hide ranges and volatile formulas. (#4600)
  • Writeback:
    • During journal writeback, if your Sage company does not have Taxes subscription enabled, Velixo will not allow specifying the tax-related keys of AdditionalBatchSettings (#4667)
    • Better stability of writeback operations in case the focus shifts away from Excel. (#4749)
    • In the budget writeback template, the warehouse dimension column is now hidden by default. (#4756)
    • Added support for updating entity-private budgets in budget writeback. (#4827)
    • Fixed a bug that could lead to infinite/stuck writeback in rare cases. (#4637)

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