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Delivering a live presentation, whether a demo to a prospective customer or a webinar to a larger audience, is the best way to tell the Velixo story, cover our value proposition and showcase the functionality of the product in a highly open and collaborative way.

Prospects require seeing the product in action, delivered by a knowledgeable speaker who speak their "language", feels confident about the full value proposition of Velixo and can answer any functional or technical question they may have.

This article aims to give Velixo partners enough resources and ammunitions in order to deliver Velixo presentations and demos themselves. 

Specifically, this article covers:

  • Key points and keywords of the Velixo value proposition 
  • Ideas for Webinar topics
  • Download links to presentations and datasheets
  • Download links to demo files

Info: If you are not a Velixo Certified Consultant yet, you would do well to start the process by following the steps in our Become Certified page. In addition to being a requirement for our partnership, it is the best way to ensure the most effective delivery of a Velixo presentation to a new audience.

Disclaimer: The information in this article, as well as all Velixo-produced documents available to you are governed by our Partner agreement, or an NDA if you are a prospective partner or customer. In the event that no NDA was executed, you consent to the confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses of Velixo's Terms of use. 
This information is confidential and must not be shared or any part of its content outside of your organization without prior consent from Velixo.
Information in this article is provided as is, and we reserve the rights to change any content at any time without prejudice.


Value proposition

Summary for Acumatica-based ERPs

Summary for Sage Intacct

Customer challenges

  1. Manually Exporting data to Excel (for analysis or more flexible reporting) creates disconnected and ungoverned files. 
    • Data becomes obsolete, almost instantly.
    • Repetitive, time consuming and error prone process
  2. The double-dipping dilemma - Investing a lot of time in planning, budgeting, forecasting, reconciling ledgers in Excel, only to have to manually enter this data in your ERP.
    • changes made in Excel cannot be automatically written back to your ERP.
    • It's a disconnected experience that is inefficient, and sometimes very time-consuming.
  3. Finance teams, whether distributed or not require access to a centralized and trusted source of data for reporting and automating processes without compromising on governance and self-service. A lack of governance can cause great inefficiencies, e.g. multiple versions of the truth or broken collaborations 
  4. Dynamically allocating values to sub-accounts by company, by period if done manually can be a very time-consuming process, and if done in Excel is a repetitive and error-prone process. 
  5. Lack of technical knowledge to create better reporting and eliminate manual tasks.


Solutions - Eliminating inefficiencies

  • No more manual Exports to Excel! With Velixo, reports are live, connected to your ERP, automated with fully explorable data within Excel or within your ERP, using Velixo Smart Refresh and Velixo Smart Drilldown.
    • Users simply customize Velixo's base templates or create their own in minutes.
    • Users can quickly analyze any number of a report by drilling down to the underlying transactions in Excel, and then from transactions drilling to the ERP to see the underlying entries.
    • If there is any error in entries, then they can be modified in your ERP and then Velixo reports would automatically be updated. 
  • Your ERP remains the centralized store that anyone in the Finance team can trust, Velixo complements the ERP by enabling Finance pros to automate their reporting and budgeting in a self-service way in Excel, and without any compromise on governance and layout/formatting (pixel-perfect)
    • e.g. Acumatica authentication in Velixo, extracted security from the ERP 
  • Eliminating inefficient manual data entries using Velixo Writeback
    • Alongside their live and automated reports, Finance pros can automate the creation of journal entries, budgets, project forecasts directly from Excel into the ERP 
    • Examples: automating liability insurance accruals monthly, creating eliminations, creating GAAP-specific adjustments, dynamically allocating values to subaccounts by period and reversing previous values 
  • Everyone knows Excel! Velixo's native integrations with both your ERP and Excel ensure that any Finance team member is up-to speed and self-sufficient in few hours only. 
    • Velixo uses Excel-like functions for everything. It feels like a natural extension of Excel for the ERP 
    • No additional platform or extra license, it's just your ERP, Velixo and Excel.
    • If you know how to Excel, you know how to Velixo
  • Leveraging Velixo’s native integrations with the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem of apps for enhanced governance, centralization of reports, collaboration and workflows
    • Collaboration - Excel and Teams integrations
    • Distribution – SharePoint, Outlook
    • Governance – SharePoint, OneDrive
    • Packaging – Word, PowerPoint
    • Workflows & automations – Power Automate
    • AI - Co-pilot embedded in Excel, Edge and Windows
  • Velixo can retrieve data from any entity of your ERP thanks to its Generic Inquiry functions (Acumatica) or Queries (Sage Intacct). This is important for querying subledgers and reconciling GL data.
    • Can also be used to create reports and dashboards for any other module.


The significant outcomes to call out

  • Make key decisions faster.
  • Save on labor costs, on all fronts.
  • Become more efficient.
  • KPIs
    • 50% reduction in month-end close time 
    • 300% in reporting speed 
    • 250% data entry

Webinar topic ideas

Title: From disconnected to connected reporting - eliminating manual exports.

Pain point: Everyone loves working in Excel, but exporting ERP data to Excel creates a disconnected, ungoverned, and highly inefficient experience.

Solution: No more manual exports! Velixo can report on your ERP data in real-time, using simple, Excel-like functions in the Excel everyone knows and loves. This creates an automated experience with always up-to-date data.  


Title: Automated allocation, planning and budgeting - eliminating data entry scenarios.

Pain point: Every month, time is spent planning, forecasting, reconciling. Excel is used for its flexibility, but changes must then be manually entered in your ERP, creating time-consuming and inefficient processes. 

Solutions: Thanks to Velixo Writeback, any new or modified data (such as: Journal entries, budgets, project forecasts) can be generated and pushed back to your ERP. This also includes any other your ERP entity using Generic Writeback (Acumatica only).


Title: Keeping data governed and your ERP as the source of truth

Pain point: Extracted business data in Excel workbooks may be saved in various locations by users, creating data silos, security and governance issues.

Solutions: Velixo users always connect to their ERP using their credentials. Combined with Velixo Writeback and Microsoft 365’s cloud storage and collaboration, organizations can implement proper governance and rely on the ERP as their source of truth.


Title: ERP users rejoice! Eliminate inefficiencies with Excel automations

Pain points: Everyone loves working in Excel, but no one wants a disconnected and ungoverned experiences that create inefficiencies and affect morale. 

Solution: No more manual exports! No more manual data entries! Velixo can report on your ERP data in real-time, this creates an automated experience with always up-to-date data. And thanks to Velixo Writeback, any new or modified data (such as: Journal entries, budgets, project forecasts) can be pushed back to your ERP in real-time from Excel.

Partner resources


Per-ERP Velixo Presentations can be downloaded in PowerPoint format from this folder: Presentations. 

We have complete trust in our partners and are making those presentations available as .pptx format so that you can make your own modifications.  

Demo files 

Please make sure to visit our Velixo - YouTube channel for examples of demonstrations. In particular, we uploaded two of our most recent webinars:

If you require any assistance with demonstrations, please contact us at: [email protected] and [email protected].


Per-ERP Velixo Datasheets can be downloaded from this folder: Datasheets.

Velixo brand assets 

Brand assets such as Velixo logos can be found at this link: Logos and other brand assets.


Feel free to reuse the product images you can find online on our website. 

For Webinar images, we recommend that you create your own to differentiate your webinar from other's, including Velixo. These days creating creative cover images with AI for Marketing purposes is very easy.

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