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This feature is used to save a copy of the currently open workbook with all Velixo function calls removed from that new workbook.  This feature allows a workbook to be distributed to non-Velixo users who may want to make adjustments and recalculate that workbook.  You also have the option to remove all Excel functions as well.


Removing Velixo functions and formulas

Here we have a simple Velixo report. Notice that the workbook includes both Velixo functions... 


... as well as Excel calculations:



By selecting Without Velixo Formulas Only from the Velixo NX ribbon:


... we can save the workbook under a new name.  That workbook still contains all the original Excel functions and calculations...



... but all the Velixo functions have been replaced with their respective values from the database:



This new workbook can now be sent to non-Velixo users who may want to make changes and see how the values recalculate.

Removing ALL functions & formulas

If you wish to remove all of the Excel functions and formulas, as well as the Velixo functions and formula...  use the pulldown arrow on the Copy Workbook Without Formulas button and...


In Velixo NX, select Without All Formulas:

Copying Workbooks with AutoFilters Enabled

When using Excel's AutoFilter feature:

The Copy Workbook without Formulas feature will make every effort to maintain those settings.


However, some AutoFilter settings cannot be preserved during the copy process.  When that is the case, Velixo NX will remove the AutoFilters entirely, so as to avoid errors in your resulting file.


Important information regarding protected workbooks

If the workbook is protected WITHOUT A PASSWORD, the Copy Workbook without Formulas process should create a workbook that is NOT protected.

If the workbook is protected WITH A PASSWORD, the process will stop, and the following message will be displayed:

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