Generic Writeback is a licensed feature available in Velixo Reports for those clients needing to send Excel data to pre-defined screens within their ERP.

Choosing the Generic option (from the New Sheet selector) starts the process of being able to create a new worksheet to write data to your ERP system.

Velixo Reports will prompt you to select the Connection to which data will be sent and which of your EPR's active, pre-defined Import Scenarios you want to use for writing the data:

Here you can see the Import Scenarios defined in Acumatica:

Acumatica Import Scenarios screen

[ Note that the first step that must take place is for all active Import Scenarios to be retrieved from the ERP. This may take a moment. ]

Once that is complete, you can select the active Import Scenario you want to use:

Velixo Reports will then create a new worksheet using the writeback fields associated with the Import Scenario you selected:

The worksheet includes the Writeback Status column which contains the WRITEBACK functions that will be used to send your data to the ERP:

By default, the WRITEBACK functions are configured to use the provided grid; However, you are welcome to create your own form and WRITEBACK function.

You can now fill in the required data.

Once that is done, select Current Worksheet from the Perform Writeback selector to activate the WRITEBACK functions and write all the specified data to your ERP:

Note: If your Velixo license does include use of Generic Writeback, you will see this message when you select Generic from the New Sheet option:

Click Upgrade to start the process of upgrading your Velixo license to include this feature.

Note: Generic Writeback requires that the connection to your ERP be made using username & password authentication. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-in (SSO) are not supported.

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