Velixo NX 2024.2 Release Notes - Acumatica

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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Acumatica, MYOB Acumatica, Cegid XRP Flex, JAMIS Prime, Haufe x360

Release date: February 23, 2024

Build: g76286d425f 

🚀 New
  • Tighter integration with Acumatica through the reimagined Velixo customization package (already uploaded to our website!):
    • Introduces a Velixo workspace to your Acumatica menu, which contains tiles for Help, Community, and Videos.
    • Introduces Velixo-specific user roles (Core, GL, and PM) for your convenience in setting up Velixo-related access rights in Acumatica.
    • A button in the Velixo workspace that creates a new Velixo-connected workbook, right from Acumatica! (Velixo NX only)
    • Allows you to export any generic inquiry-based screen to a Velixo-connected workbook containing the dataset from that inquiry. (Velixo NX only)
    • Allows you to export any import scenario as a Velixo-connected generic writeback workbook. (Velixo NX only)
  • The Help dropdown in the Velixo NX ribbon now contains a link to useful report templates. (#4460)
  • Updated connection editor UI that makes the sign-in process more intuitive. There is now only one “connect” button, and the user explicitly chooses whether to enter their credentials in Velixo or to sign-in directly with their ERP system. (#4491)
    • We used to call this "SSO" and had a separate "key" button, which was slightly confusing since with this mechanism, you could choose to use or not use another layer of SSO on your ERP's login page, such as Azure AD.
  • A new TODAYNV function, which is a non-volatile alternative to Excel’s built-in TODAY function. Avoiding volatile functions in reports allows you to improve performance and reliability of your Velixo reporting. We recommend using it in all Velixo reports by default instead of TODAY. (#4620)
  • UI:
    • For better visual feedback, Velixo's Status panel will now open automatically whenever the user triggers refresh, drill-down, or writeback. (#4529)
    • Nothing used to happen when a user tried to edit generic inquiry options for an inquiry that was deleted or unpublished in Acumatica. (#4389)
  • Functions:
    • The SEGMENTDESCRIPTION function now supports a new parameter, ValueMode. Setting it to 1 allows you to specify just the value of the segment in question (e.g. department) and not the full value of the segmented key (e.g. the full subaccount).
    • Improved error reporting on missing required function arguments and incorrect argument data types. (#4423)
  • Writeback:
    • Noticeably improved the speed of small writeback operations. (#4397)
    • Writeback will not proceed if there are Excel errors in any of the source data for the writeback (#4415)
  • Copy without formulas:
    • Removing formulas will now also process any LAMBDA functions referencing Velixo functions. (#4469)
    • Improved algorithm for copying without formulas that reduces the risk of errored-out cells in the resulting workbook. (#4450)
  • Drilldown:
    • Drill-down worksheet will now be inserted immediately after the source worksheet. (#4418)
    • Significant gains in drill-down speed. (#4391, #4397, #4484)
    • To save space, the drill-down view will not contain columns for unused subaccount segments that were empty across all rows. (#4447)
  • Misc:
    • Better error handling in several cases of the “401 unauthorized” error message in cells and/or connection editor. (#4373)
    • Velixo will now automatically remove the old data caches in case too many have been accumulated, which mostly impacted users connecting to multiple different ERP instances.  (#4400)
    • Multiple minor visual / error message improvements and fixes (#4086, #4351, #4362, #4364, #4377, #4382, #4383, #4401, #4405, #4407, #4416, #4499, #4521, #4548, #4568)
🔨 Fixed
  • The user was unable to connect after changing the connection type to a different ERP system in the connection editor. (#4403)
  • When credentials had been remembered for a connection, temporarily using a different set of (non-stored) connection credentials did not work as expected, because Velixo always preferred the stored ones, effectively logging in under a different user. (#4429)

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