Introduction to Velixo Templates (Sage)

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What are Templates?

Templates are a set of Reporting, Budgeting and Automation Excel workbooks that are built by Velixo for a given ERP and a given use case and set of features.

They're meant to accelerate a customer's time-to-value, in other words providing a great starting point for further customizations (if required).

Velixo realizes that no template can ever meet all user requirements. However, Templates can significantly speed up implementations (so you don't have to start from scratch) and also open the minds of the community in terms of what can be done with Velixo, which includes best practices, tricks or use of a feature. 

In general, Templates offer a great starting point that users may start from and customize to their specific needs (may it be adding elements of brand identity, changing the Chart of Accounts structure, or modifying the layout).

There are different types of templates (see below) and templates may cover different functional areas which in turn would serve different audiences.

Why does Velixo package report templates?

Report Templates are essentially sub-products of the Velixo add-in to further accelerate customer adoption, improve customer onboarding, reduce customer TCO, and provide additional value to our community.

What are the different types of Templates?

There are three different types of Templates:

  • Sample templates

A Sample template is an Excel workbook that Velixo provides to the community as-is.  It is an example of a use case, feature, or concept that serves as a reference and could be customized by a user.  Sample templates do not receive the same level of productization as Production Report templates, they are not supported, may have limited documentation, and may not always be up to date.

  • Demo templates

A Demo template is a pack of reports in one workbook that is typically built for pre-sales demonstrations, marketing, or webinars purposes.  Demo templates are made available by Velixo in order to showcase features of the product. Demo templates should not be used in any Production way as they receive limited QA and data may be altered for demo purposes.  Demo templates are not supported and may have limited documentation, yet are maintained by Velixo.

  • Report templates (or: Production template)

A Report template is a productized Velixo Excel workbook that may or may not be monetized/licensed.  Production templates are generic (meaning they should work upon connecting them to your ERP and/or only require minimal configuration). They are fully documented, supported, and maintained by Velixo.

What is the lifecycle of a Template?

Velixo will maintain Report templates to ensure that every template works with the current version of Velixo and the ERP.

Production templates are versioned and when a new version is made available, the report template is updated and changes are documented. 

Velixo only supports the current version of the Template. If a template that requires support from Velixo was customized, Velixo reserves the right to assess whether standard support applies or not.

Velixo always limits the introduction of a breaking change, as it would impact many users in our community.  This is very much also applicable to Templates.  However, it may sometimes be necessary to introduce such changes that it could break against your specific ERP version.  In such a case, Velixo may "branch" a report template and document the different versions.

Where can I find a full list of all Report Templates?

We maintain a register of all our templates for your convenience in this article.

Can I download an older version of a Template?

The Velixo Report templates that you can download are always up to date and available for the latest version of your ERP (or the applicable version of the ERP as described in the Report template documentation) and only this version is supported by Velixo and also available for download.

If you require going back to an older version, please contact Support and we will be happy to share the older version with you in a ticket.

How can I find more information about changes made to a Template?

Every production Report Template packaged by Velixo comes with an Information sheet.

The information sheet contains useful information for the report that you may use to retain context of the original file you downloaded, or that you can share with Velixo Support, such as:

  • Code - the unique identifier of the Report Template
  • Name - the name of the Report Template
  • ERP - the ERP the Report Template was built for
  • Industry - if the Report Template was built for a specific industry, then this information would be available here, otherwise, it would show here, e.g.: All, General / Services, ..
  • Template Version - the version of the Report Template (always increments by 1)
  • Release date - the release date of this Report Template version
  • Changes in this version - if the version is not 1, then a summary of all changes made in this new version will be available here.


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