Velixo NX 2023.10 Release Notes - Acumatica

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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Acumatica, MYOB Advanced, Cegid XRP Flex, JAMIS Prime

Release date: October 25, 2023

Build no: d8080458be

🚀 New features

  • Functions:
    • Leverage the master financial calendar in GL and PM functions! This is immensely useful in multi-company consolidation scenarios, where different companies utilize different financial calendars or shifted financial years. To enable this feature, set the new UseMasterFinancialCalendar argument to TRUE in supporting Velixo functions. (#3898)
      • Attention: utilizing this functionality requires setting up new generic inquiries on your ERP site. If your site uses the Velixo customization package, the updated inquiries are shipped as part of our latest customization package.
  • Support and feedback:
    • New in-app support widget connected to Velixo's new help & community portal (#3929)

    • User-aware support: when clicking "Get started" on the Velixo sign-in screen, you may now be prompted to sign in with your organizational Microsoft account. This should only happen on those occasions where if you're not logged into the Excel app itself. This allows us to better assist you in support scenarios - in particular, when you use our Help & Support widget from the add-in. (#3499, #4001)

✨ Enhancements

  • UX:
    • When Office takes more time than usual to load the Velixo add-in, we will display better visual feedback about the add-in being loaded. (#3966)
    • Refresh operation can now be queued even if the calculation is currently running. (#3959)
  • Calculation:
    • We redesigned the PM function calculation architecture from the ground-up for higher performance. (#3923)
    • The Refresh button drop-down on the ribbon now contains a "Cancel" button that you can use to interrupt the refresh operation. This is useful, for example, in case you have made a typo in a formula and need to interrupt the data load process to correct the mistake. (#3898)
  • Copy without formulas:
    • The informational dialogue in the new workbook, which informs the about the formula removal in progress, is now non-dismissible. (#3681, #3782)
    • Velixo connections redundantly remained in the target workbook after removing formulas (#3853)
    • Improved performance in Excel Online (#4019).
      • ❗ It's still much slower than on a desktop app due to various framework limitations on the Excel side. On medium-to-large files, we highly recommend using a desktop app for this functionality for the best experience.
  • Hide zero rows:
    • Improved performance of auto-hide zero rows. (#3776)
  • Dynamic-aware arguments:
    • In dynamic-aware functions (where you can specify one or more arguments as an Excel array (A1#), and the Velixo function spills as a result), we have improved the feedback mechanism for size mismatch between the provided array arguments. Now Velixo will report the offending argument names for easier troubleshooting. (#3706)
  • Connection:
    • Better timeout error message when your ERP instance is inaccessible when creating a new connection. (#3559)
  • Writeback:
    • Better error reporting when Acumatica returns an error message during GL / Budget / Project forecast writeback. (#4084) 
    • When creation of a new budget writeback worksheet fails, the side panel will not close automatically, allowing the user to observe and fix the error. (#3677)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Functions:
    • When using Velixo range expressions, the intersection operator "^" did not behave intuitively when combined with the subtraction operator "-". (#3732, #4021)
    • The legacy VXTEXTSPLIT did not work as expected due to mistakenly expecting a connection argument. (#3742)
  • Calculation:
    • On rare occasions, Velixo could enter into an infinite calculation / login loop upon opening a workbook. (#3793)
  • Copy without formulas:
    • Copying workbook without formulas could sometimes result in the workbook remaining in Manual calculation mode. (#3849)
  • Drilldown:
    • When drill-down target is set up to a separate workbook, the cell linking to the original workbook did not navigate the user to it. (#3650)
      • Note that this link is not expected to work in Excel Online.
  • Connection:
    • The single sign-on button could show as enabled even if the ERP system did not support SSO connections from Velixo. (#3920)

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