Velixo NX 2023.10 Release Notes - Sage Intacct

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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Sage Intacct

Release date: October 25, 2023

Build no: d8080458be

❗ Important changes - action may be required

  • Intacct balance / turnover functions using dimensions will now not include subdimensions (e.g. child customers, projects, tasks etc.), for performance reasons. Please set the IncludeChildDimensionBalances to TRUE if you wish to restore the old behaviour. (#3759)
  • For a more intuitive behaviour of the subtraction operator, the meaning of the all-match wildcard (*) has changed when using dimensions in Intacct balance / turnover functions. (#3987)
    • Previously, for example, if you specified Customer | * in the dimensions argument, it meant "include both the transactions with any existing customer, or not associated with any customer at all".
    • In the new release, it means it means "include transactions with any existing customer". It will not account for those transactions that are not associated with a customer.
    • To simulate the old behaviour, leave the respective dimension empty or use the *? special syntax.
    • The *! syntax has been removed - please simply use in the current release.
  • SI.EXPANDCOSTTYPERANGE function now requires specifying a project and task (or a Velixo range expression thereof), since the same cost type ID may correspond to multiple project/task combinations (and have a different name and status there). (#3663, #3686)

🚀 New features

  • Support and feedback:
    • New in-app support widget connected to Velixo's new help & community portal (#3929)

    • User-aware support: when clicking "Get started" on the Velixo sign-in screen, you may now be prompted to sign in with your organizational Microsoft account. This should only happen on those occasions where if you're not logged into the Excel app itself. This allows us to better assist you in support scenarios - in particular, when you use our Help & Support widget from the add-in. (#3499, #4001)

  • Calculation:
    • More fine-tuneable advanced options for improving the refresh speed on very large databases (#3935)
  • New functions:
    • SI.QUERYFILTER, a helper function that simplifies building filter expressions for SI.QUERY. (#3829)
  • Writeback:
    • You can now create a new Journal Writeback (#3907) and Budget Writeback (#3962) worksheets for Sage Intacct connections from the Velixo NX ribbon.

✨ Enhancements

  • UX:
    • When Office takes more time than usual to load the Velixo add-in, we will display better visual feedback about the add-in being loaded. (#3966)
    • Refresh operation can now be queued even if the calculation is currently running. (#3959)
  • Calculation:
    • The Refresh button drop-down on the ribbon now contains a "Cancel" button that you can use to interrupt the refresh operation. This is useful, for example, in case you have made a typo in a formula and need to interrupt the data load process to correct the mistake. (#3898)
  • Copy without formulas:
    • The informational dialogue in the new workbook, which informs the about the formula removal in progress, is now non-dismissible. (#3681, #3782)
    • Velixo connections redundantly remained in the target workbook after removing formulas (#3853)
  • Hide zero rows:
    • Improved performance of auto-hide zero rows. (#3776)
  • Dynamic-aware arguments:
    • In dynamic-aware functions (where you can specify one or more arguments as an Excel array (A1#), and the Velixo function spills as a result), we have improved the feedback mechanism for size mismatch between the provided array arguments. Now Velixo will report the offending argument names for easier troubleshooting. (#3706)
  • Stability:

    • Technical infrastructure reuse across Sage Intacct functions and writebacks, reducing the amount of code and likelihood of bugs occurring. (#3730, #3802)

  • Performance:

    • Improved page load algorithm result in an up to 50% faster refresh experience on large datasets. (#3873)

    • Balance / turnover functions using project and task dimensions will now calculate faster. (#3722)

    • Project-estimate related functions now perform data loading by project, which is extremely important for sites containing extremely large number of estimate details (#3738, #3775)

  • Functions:

    • You can now specify dimension group names as values for balance / turnover dimension arguments. (#3870)

      • Previously, to filter balances by customer group instead of by customer, you first needed to clear the value for the "Customer" dimension, and add a separate "Customer group" dimension:

        • Customer | (empty)

        • Customer group | customergroupname

      • In this release, you can now reuse the customer dimension with the group name; to let Velixo know that this is a group you want to retrieve, simply prefix the value with the hash # symbol:

        • Customer | #customergroupname

    • For your convenience, SI.QUERY result set columns containing date values will now be formatted as an ISO date/time by default (YYYY-MM-DD). (#3780)

    • SI.PROJECTESTIMATE... functions now support filtering by the workflow type. (#3768)

    • IncludeChildDimensionBalances argument in balance / turnover functions allows you to include or exclude subdimension balances. (#3712)

    • SI.DIMENSIONS is now dynamic-aware and will spill in case one or more dimension values is an Excel array. (#3715)

    • SI.EXPANDCOSTTYPERANGE now allows one to include the corresponding project ID in the output. (#3663)

    • More EXPAND...RANGE functions have obtained an extra argument that allows you to include or exclude inactive records in the result set, or filter the records by their status. (#3664, #3674)

    • SI.TASKNAME - project ID and task ID arguments are now case-insensitive. (#3684)

  • Drilldown:

    • In second-level (transaction) drilldown, the transactions are now sorted by date. (#3716)

  • Writeback:

    • The dimensions can be passed to Sage Intacct writeback function both in the horizontal (dimension names in the first column) and vertical (dimension names in the first row) orientation.

    • Faster budget writeback with many writeback lines (#4040), as well as on large databases (#3980)


      • now allows you to output the estimate line update key (RECORDNO) into an Excel cell in case you want to update those line in the future. (#3206)

      • workflow type is now case-insensitive. (#3881)

      • it not required anymore to explicitly specify Project ID in dimensions - the value will be taken from the header part of the function. (#3879)

      • you can now specify the special value #recreate as the line update key when updating an existing project estimate - this would remove the existing estimate lines and upload the ones that you intend to write back. (#3933)

    • Project forecast writeback will not attempt to validate its arguments (in particular, Project ID and Task ID) until the writeback is actually running. This allows chaining writeback operations on a single Excel worksheet. For example, Generic Writeback may create a project, output its project ID into an Excel cell, which is then used as an argument in project forecast writeback, instantly creating a project estimate for the new project in just one click of a button. (#3274)
    • In multi-entity shared companies, when you use entity-private values for writeback, Velixo is now smart enough to create the resulting record as private in the same entity. (#4039)
    • When creation of a new budget writeback worksheet fails, the side panel will not close automatically, allowing the user to observe and fix the error. (#3677)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Functions:
    • When using Velixo range expressions, the intersection operator "^" did not behave intuitively when combined with the subtraction operator "-". (#3732, #4021)
    • The legacy VXTEXTSPLIT did not work as expected due to mistakenly expecting a connection argument. (#3742)
    • Balance / turnover functions will return 0 instead of an error when a Velixo range expression for a dimension (e.g. a Customer) contains no existing values. (#3726)
    • Balance / turnover functions could incorrectly return zero if the requested date range was in the closed books date interval for the company. (#3939)
    • When using balance / turnover functions with dimensions, subtraction syntax did not work when subtracting from the all-match wildcard (*). For example, "*;-ID1;-D2" did not work correctly. (#3728)
  • Calculation:
    • On rare occasions, Velixo could enter into an infinite calculation / login loop upon opening a workbook. (#3793)
  • Copy without formulas:
    • Copying workbook without formulas could sometimes result in the workbook remaining in Manual calculation mode. (#3849)
  • Drilldown:
    • When drill-down target is set up to a separate workbook, the cell linking to the original workbook did not navigate the user to it. (#3650)
      • Note that this link is not expected to work in Excel Online.
  • Writeback:
    • Journal writeback did not properly support the Department dimension. (#3770)
    • Budget writeback could fail in some cases when the input data was specified as a hard-coded value instead of the cell reference. (#3761)
    • Upon repeated budget writeback of the same worksheet, Velixo could create a duplicate line instead of updating the old one. (#4025, #4044)
    • Budget writeback could sometimes fail to find existing budget lines in Sage Intacct in update scenarios, due to unpredictable dimension sorting. (#3762)

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