Velixo NX Release notes 2020-2021 Archive

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Version 0.12.132-g0369bec0ef - December 3, 2021

This version of Velixo NX drops support for Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy. Our product code has switched to ECMAScript 2018 for best performance and long-term maintainability. 


While this is unlikely to affect any of our existing customers, we recommend to always keep your Microsoft 365 products up to date, and to use modern ever-green browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.



  • Added a possibility to contact Velixo support right from the Velixo NX task pane. The help is now just one click away ? (#1639)

  • When creating a connection, you can select from multiple ERP types to easily distinguish the products in consolidation scenarios: 

    • Acumatica

    • MYOB Acumatica 

    • CEGID XRP Flex

    • JAMIS Prime 

  • The standard Acumatica Velixo functions are supported for those connection types (#1651).

  • Raw experimental support added for Sage Intacct account names and balances (#1566).

    • When creating a new connection, the "Sage Intacct" connection type should be used in the connection type selector.

    • The account name & balance functions to be used have the SI. prefix, separate from the standard Velixo functions. Single account only, Velixo range expressions are not yet supported.

    • Be advised that the performance is still very slow and not production-ready, as every cell issues an independent network request to Sage.

    • Reach out to Velixo support if you wish to try this out early and help us shape the future of multi-ERP consolidation ?

  • Drill-down functionality support brought to Project module functions (#1575). 

✨ Improved

  • Greatly improved the drill-down performance for complex computations (#1249).

  • Drill-down worksheet formatting improved for mixed GL & PM drilldown scenarios (#1581).

  • Error status messages can now be dismissed by clicking on the red cross icon (#1623).

  • Error message will be displayed when multiple cells are selected for drill-down (#1628).

  • Added a check to validate the presence of the revision ID in project forecast functions (#1621).


  • Under some circumstances, Velixo NX could get stuck in an un-refreshable state when the connections in the file did not have credentials saved (#1670). 

  • The drill-down engine could end drill-down prematurely, excluding some legitimate drill-down rows (#1662).

  • Drill-down could get stuck on non-Velixo functions like =SUM(100,200) (#1592).

  • There was an off-by-one error in FINANCIALPERIODSTARTDATE for adjustment periods (#1438). 

  • The wildcard ? character in Velixo range expressions will not match the empty space anymore (#1626).

  • The Velixo license checks are not sensitive to connection URL casing anymore (#1637).

  • A connection created in NX might not show up in Velixo Classic (#1647).


Version 0.11.98-gd45f1e0248 – October 28, 2021


  • Velixo NX now supports all Project module data retrieval functions from Classic

































✨ Improved

  • Velixo NX's back end now has fail-over measures for improved uptime and stability.

  • Drill-down will now display a status message if it was not able to identify any Acumatica data in the source cells (#1481).


  • ? In reports spanning multiple financial years, for an asset/liability account that did not have any activity in the current financial year, Velixo could:

    • incorrectly display a zero balance in the current financial year (#1533);

    • double-count the previous-year account turnover (#1551).

  • The cache database was not cleared correctly between version upgrades (#1547).

  • GI functions were not working in reports which were created in Classic with client-side filtering enabled (#1569).

  • Due to changes in Excel's calculation logic, removing formulas in large report could lead to them being saved as #CALC (#1571).

  • Refresh status message was stuck in case there were no Velixo formulas in the workbook (#1567).

  • After modifying a connection and then quickly deleting it, the connection could sometimes reappear in the list (#1576).

  • FINANCIALPERIODSTARTDATE: the result for adjustment periods was off by one day (#1438).

⏳ What's cooking

  • Drill-down support for PM entities.

  • Basic support for additional ERP systems in consolidation scenarios.


Version 0.10.104-ga634a30c0c – September 24, 2021


  • New functions from Velixo Classic are available:








  • When doing a long operation, such as refresh or drill-down, Velixo will display the status of the operation (running, completed, failed) in a special area of the task pane (#1430):


✨ Improved

  • Internally, Velixo NX has unified the cache loaders infrastructure for different types of data (accounts, subaccounts, GIs etc.). It now does the same job with a much smaller amount of code, which means more predictable behaviour and fewer bugs down the line!

  • Velixo NX will now produce #N/A for technical errors (server unavailable, missing credentials, etc.) and #VALUE for user input errors (such as when "branch XXX was not found in the system") (#1394)

  • Inside Velixo range expressions, Velixo will now detect invalid unit references and report an error (#1392).

    • For example, if you tried to calculate a balance for the Velixo branch range of "BRANCH1;BRENCH2", where "BRANCH2" has a typo:

      • Previously you would simply receive a balance for BRANCH1 only.

      • Now you will see an error message since you explicitly mentioned a branch that could not be found by Velixo.

    • This check does not happen for wildcard ("BRANCH???") and interval ranges ("10000:99999")

  • Introduced a default option to the "connect" buttons in the connection editor: by default, clicking Connect or Connect using single sign-on ("key" icon button) will not refresh the workbook, but an option to connect and refresh still exists under a drop-down arrow near the buttons (#1398)

  • Velixo will now validate if you try to add another connection with the same name as one of the existing ones (#1412).

  • To prevent unpredictable behaviour, it is now impossible to run several long-running operations at the same time, such as drill-down, repeated refreshes, removing formulas, or deleting drill-down worksheets (#1428)

  • Velixo NX now experimentally supports older, single-tenant Acumatica instances, which do not support logging in with an explicit tenant name (#1435)

  • A better error message when FINANCIALPERIOD / FINANCIALPERIODOFFSET results would be in a non-existent financial year (#1432, #1441)


  • Trailing spaces were present in branch names in ACCOUNTS...WITHHISTORY (#1402)

  • Smart refresh in GI() was not working when there was an "OR" condition in the user-defined filter (#1410)

  • GI options header was sometimes visible when no GI options existed for the workbook (#1477)

Version 0.9.169-g47f9b90a9a - August 25, 2021


  • GIFILTER() function from Velixo Classic is now available! ?

  • New function added: EXPANDCOMPANYRANGE()

  • Function and argument descriptions are now available for every Velixo function.

    • To view argument hints, use the "Insert function" button on Excel Desktop for Windows and Mac.

    • Argument descriptions are not yet available in Excel Online (not implemented by Microsoft).

  • Request progress is now indicated real-time in the Active ERP Requests section on the Analysis tab. It displays the amount of data loaded from the ERP.

  • New button has been added to remove all drill-down worksheets. It is available on the Analysis tab, under the Drilldown drop-down.

    • Attention: this button will only work for drill-down worksheets created in Velixo NX 0.9 and above. Drill-down worksheets created on a previous version will need to be deleted manually.


    • IncludeUnposted, to potentially account for unposted transactions.

    • IncludeBranches, to expand the resulting accounts/subaccounts range by the branch.

✨ Improved

  • Performance, responsiveness, and RAM consumption were all significantly improved (#1293, #1296, #1314, #1318, #1319). In particular, drill-down is now 40% faster (#1249).

  • "Remove formulas" now has a progress indicator (#1223).


  • Drill-down rows for budget ledgers will now redirect to the correct screen (GL302010).

  • Asset and Expense account balances were erroneously impacted by the Reverse Balance Sign workbook option (#1327).

  • When a refresh request to an ERP system failed, the errors were not made explicit - cached data was silently re-used without a warning. Now, the error will make it into the cell (#1231).

  • Drill-down process got stuck when invoked on an empty cell (#1384).

Version 0.8.2-g6603b0cb62 - July 26, 2021


  • Velixo NX now uses multi-threaded computations that proceed faster and allow the UI to be more responsive.

  • Local data caches are now shared between files, per-connection. This will drastically improve initial Smart Refresh speed on new files for those of our users who have very heavy GL history.

  • New function: FINANCIALPERIODOFFSET(), which allows you to add/subtract a given number of periods from the specified financial period.

  • GILOOKUP() and GILOOKUPF() functions from Velixo Classic are now available.

  • Upon editing a connection, the user now has an option to re-connect with or without refreshing the file.

✨ Improved

  • Better handling of empty arguments specified to COLLATE() function (#1079)

  • Error message is now produced when IncludeUnposted argument is out of the allowed range (#1076)

  • The expanding section for Generic Inquiry options will not be displayed unless any GI options actually exist for the file (#1204)

  • Velixo NX will now produce an error message during refresh if the key columns set up in GI options do not uniquely identify each record in the dataset (#1125, #1172).

  • Smart Refresh is more resilient to cache database failures (#1172)

  • Asset / Liability account balance calculations for budget ledgers will refrain from using last year's balances when no corresponding budget record exists in the specified financial year (#1122).

    • This is consistent with Acumatica behaviour: since amounts are budgeted individually for each financial year, there is no ending balance transfer across financial years even for Asset/Liability accounts.


  • It was impossible to use range subtraction operator in EXPAND...RANGE() functions when the value contained a space in Acumatica (#1072)

  • Removing formulas could fail on very large files due to the processed dataset size (#1200)

  • Connections imported from Classic were displayed as valid (✔️) in the connection list when no credentials in fact existed for them yet (#1221)

  • Velixo could not re-use an already computed function result when, during a single refresh or between refreshes, a single function was invoked multiple times with the same arguments (#1215).

  • EXPAND...RANGE() and BRANCHLIST() did not trim trailing spaces the output (#1114, #1120)

  • BRANCHLIST() returned an unsorted dataset when Company argument was not specified (#1117)

  • EXPAND...RANGE() functions did not explicitly sort their output as Velixo Classic does (#1112)

Version 0.7.68-g4e48f20c8a - July 5, 2021


  • It was possible to set up Smart Refresh for a Generic Inquiry without specifying the last update column name (#1131).

Version 0.7.65-gb3419fc360 - June 30, 2021


  • No GI options could be accessed from the UI after removing a connection (#1107).

Version 0.7.60-gabfa16736a - June 22, 2021


  • GI() function failed when invoked for the first time with a filter expression (#1060).

  • GI() output did not trim string values as it does in Velixo Classic (#1062).

Version 0.7.41-ga60711bd30 - June 16, 2021


  • More functions from Velixo Classic are now available:










  • Generic Inquiry options are now available on the Options tab. You can set up refresh mode, key fields and the smart refresh field.


  • A value for a different Velixo formula could incorrectly be returned into a cell when two or more Velixo formulas existed on the workbook with the same parameter values (#1057).

    • Example: ACCOUNTNAME("Demo", "10100") and ACCOUNTCLASS("Demo", "10100"). The formula for account name could return the account class due to a caching key issue.

  • Ledger subtraction in ACCOUNT...BALANCE and ACCOUNT...TURNOVER function did not work (#977)

  • Blank values sometimes were showing up as "0" in GI() result (#1010)

  • Drill-down could display incorrect ending balances under some circumstances (#1016)

  • Excel Online with Internet Explorer 11 or Excel for Windows Desktop on older Windows versions:

    • could display #N/A in various Velixo formulas (#1014)

    • could display an "Object expected" error when GI() function was invoked more than once (#1020)

  • Removing Velixo formulas did not work properly with formulas returning dynamic array values, such as EXPAND...RANGE (#1037)

✨ Improved

  • Drill-down now additionally groups data by source cell (#1022).

Version 0.5.88-g21148d1d85 - May 6, 2021


  • We are excited to announce that the current release brings the basic support for the GI function!

  • ❗ Note It has a number of limitations for now:

    • GIFILTER, GILOOKUP or GILOOKUPF are not available yet;

    • The current implementation does not yet support Generic Inquiry Options . As a consequence, GI() always:

      • Uses Full Refresh (even if you click Smart Refresh).

      • Pushes the ODATA filter expression to Acumatica and applies the filters on the server.

  • More functions from Velixo Classic are also available:




✨ Improved

  • Multiple cold start-up performance improvements and reduced memory footprint (#776, #788).

  • Better calculation speed when there are multiple functions with identical arguments in the workbook (#765).


  • It was impossible to click on a support link in connection validation bubbles that appeared when hovering over a connection validation icon (#751, #910).

  • Fixed incorrect naming of the AsOf function argument in ACCOUNTBEGINNINGBALANCE and ACCOUNTENDINGBALANCE: the erroneous name was AsOfPeriod, however the functions also support date values (#914).

  • #N/A error when one specified more than one branch in an account balance calculation (#874)

  • The list of missing inquiries may contain duplicate inquiry names (#912)

Version 0.4.88-g246a50920f - April 16, 2021


  • Entering incorrect connection credentials once leads to the add-in continuously returning the "unauthorized" error, even if the user enters the correct credentials afterwards. (#810)

Version 0.4.85-g30d0ccd458 - April 13, 2021

✨ Improved

  • Add-in performance was improved in case multiple cells returned a "[...] does not exist" error.


  • Occasionally, the add-in could take a very long time (over a minute) to start up on large files.

Version 0.4.72 - April 9, 2021


  • Fixed a potential slow-down due to massive logging of a "connection credentials missing" error when the file contains a lot of Velixo functions and the user has not yet specified the credentials, or cleared the cache.

Version 0.4.70 - March 29, 2021


  • More functions from Velixo Classic are now available:












  • Velixo NX now supports parallel loading from multiple ledgers/years at once. If you use consolidated reports across multiple ledgers and financial years, you should see some serious speed-ups!

  • Performing a drill-down on a formula which includes unposted GL balances, for convenience will now include the post status column for every history record.

✨ Improved

  • Significantly improved the caching performance.

  • If the necessary Acumatica generic inquiries are missing in the connection tenant, Velixo NX will now list the missing inquiry names.


  • The From/To Period in drilldown results will now correctly handle cases where the most recent GL activity occurred in an earlier period than the one specified in the formula.

  • The drill-down worksheet could contain amounts with a wrong balance sign when Account Balance Sign option was set to Reverse.

Version 0.3.460 - March 25, 2021


  • Drill-down could produce an empty result for a cell which contained an aggregate formula like SUM(), or depends on such a cell, directly or indirectly.

Version 0.3.452 - March 22, 2021


  • Drill-down could include GL history records from unrelated cells.

Version 0.3.449 - March 19, 2021

✨ Improved

  • The refresh performance was significantly improved (up to 33%) on files containing a lot of Excel functions (mitigated a slow-down caused by unnecessarily frequent re-renders of the Analysis tab).

Version 0.3.444 - March 16, 2021


  • The reference list of active Velixo functions on the Analysis tab could be rendered incorrectly (missing or duplicate function entries).

Version 0.3.442 - March 11, 2021


  • Smart Refresh could count GL transactions multiple times, producing an incorrect balance. The bug affected Velixo NX on the following platforms:

    • Excel Desktop for Mac

    • Excel Desktop for Windows

    • Safari browser

    • Internet Explorer 11

  • Smart Refresh did not request the new / updated data from Acumatica unless the user reloaded the page.

Version 0.3.422 - March 5, 2021

✨ Improved

  • You can now right-click directly on a cell and select the Drilldown option from the context menu.

Version 0.3.421 - March 1, 2021


  • The add-in could not be used on an old, pre-Chromium version of Microsoft Edge (Legacy) v. 44.

Version 0.3.419 - February 26, 2021


  • Financial reporting by date could return an incorrect balance or turnover when there were transactions posted to a date outside of the financial period boundaries (e.g. a transaction with a date of December 25, 2020 posted to a 11-2020 period corresponding to November).

  • Some users could not connect to Acumatica because of a missing inquiry.

Version 0.3.405 - February 17, 2021


  • Provisional reporting of unposted account balances could return an incorrect balance or turnover when no posted balance existed for a given ledger / year combination.

Version 0.3.392 - February 10, 2021


  • On large General Ledger datasets (>50000 GLHistory rows for a given combination of ledger and financial year), the add-in could be force-restarted by Microsoft Excel due to a long processing operation.

Version 0.3 - January 26, 2021


  • General Ledger balances drilldown has arrived - it works just the same as in Velixo Classic!

    • The activation logic differs ever so slightly: highlight a cell containing (or deriving from) a Velixo account balance formula, then, in the add-in's taskpane, open Analysis tab ➡ Drilldown button.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) with Acumatica is now supported!

    • You can log in using SSO by clicking on the small key (?) button when editing an Acumatica connection. The button becomes active if your Acumatica website has the most recent version of Velixo customization installed.

  • Removing Velixo formulas. You may now remove any Velixo formulas, or even all formulas completely, from the workbook you're working on.

    • This functionality will come in handy when someone not having access to ERP connection wants to view the report. To do so, go to OptionsRemove formulas from the current workbook.

    • Important warning: the logic is significantly different from Velixo Classic: due to a limitation in the modern add-in framework, we cannot create a new workbook for you, so this operation will irrevocably affect the current file. Make sure you have saved a copy before using this operation!

  • Forgetting all connection credentials under Options -> Security drop-down.

    • You are able to remove the stored credentials for the connections in just the current file, or in all files altogether.

  • Information about currently calculating Velixo functions and active ERP requests is now available under the Analysis tab.

  • Provisional GL reporting for Acumatica was ported from Velixo Classic.

    • All GL balance functions (such as beginning balance, ending balance, and turnover) have received the IncludeUnposted parameter, allowing you to optionally include the relevant unposted transactions into the calculation.

  • Connection list validation cues.

    • If an ERP connection has problems such as missing credentials or an expired license, you will see a warning icon (⚠).

    • If you hover the cursor over the icon, you'll be able to receive information on the error or warning, and guidance about the necessary actions.

✨ Improved

  • The usernames for your connections will now be encrypted just like the passwords were previously, for additional security.

  • Connection editor dialog will now display more informative error messages about why the connection could not be established.

  • Better Velixo session management: unless you use the add-in very rarely, you should stop seeing the "your session has expired, please log in again" error messages.


  • On rare occasions, the connections and workbook options saved in the file could disappear.

  • Until you reloaded the page, the Refresh button could sometimes use the cached function results instead of actually performing a refresh.

  • Connections and workbook options you added to new files created with Velixo NX would not show up in Velixo Classic.

  • Connections from files edited in old Velixo Classic versions (version 4 and lower) would not show up in Velixo NX.

  • Velixo NX taskpane would show unnecessarily when Refresh data when opening the file option was checked.

Known issues

  • On medium-to-large files, the desktop version of Microsoft Excel for Windows may sometimes restart the add-in due to unresponsiveness during a refresh.

    • To remedy this issue, we have prioritized offloading any heavy function computations to the background in an upcoming release.

    • As a workaround, please use Velixo Classic when working in the desktop version of Microsoft Excel for Windows.

⏳ What's cooking

Here's our priorities for the upcoming releases of Velixo:

  • Porting of the Generic Inquiry functions and GI Options from Velixo Classic.

  • Improving the performance and responsiveness of the add-in's user interface.

Version 0.2 – November 19, 2020



✨ Improved

  • Added help URLs to Acumatica functions.

  • The Acumatica instance URL that you paste into the connection editor will now have any unnecessary postfixes and whitespace automatically removed.

  • To prevent errors, the connection editor will not allow you to click Connect unless all required fields are entered: connection name, tenant, URL, username, and password.


  • Error message on the introduction / login screen remained even after re-loading the add-in.

  • Acumatica connections were not imported from Velixo Classic.

Known issues

  • If you have both Velixo Classic and Velixo NX installed, if you add a connection in Velixo NX first, this connection will not appear in Velixo Classic after you open the same file. (On the other hand, connections created in Velixo Classic will still properly sync up to Velixo NX).

  • Refreshing your data may feel slower on Excel Windows and Mac than on the Web. The current versions of Internet Explorer and Safari, which are used by Excel under the hood to display the add-in, do not support fast database indices. For especially large files, the current work-around on Windows is to use Velixo Classic instead.

⏳ What's cooking

Working hard to support:

  • General Ledger functions drilldown.

  • Single Sign-On with Acumatica.

Version 0.1 – October 2020

Initial release with a set of basic General Ledger Acumatica functions.

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