Cash Basis Project Turnover/Balances

Posted 4 months ago by Connor Smith

Connor Smith
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Does anyone know how to specify which GL to pull from when using the project balance or turnover amount functions? Currently Velixo defaults to the actual ledger, however for reporting purposes I need these same functions working with a cash ledger.

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Gabriel Michaud

Gabriel Michaud posted 4 months ago Admin

Hi Connor,

Do you already have a cash ledger setup in Acumatica? The GL module and associated GL functions allow you to select a different ledger (see ACCOUNTTURNOVER() function for reference) however this is separate from the project module.

The project module in Acumatica doesn't have the notion of "ledger", however I suspect that you may be trying to show expenses that have been accrued and expenses that have been paid separately. Can you add a screenshot which shows how you would like your report to look?


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