Facility to handle multiple Connections in similar manner to multiple branches

Posted 7 months ago by Jeffrey Patch

Jeffrey Patch

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In the same manner as you handle multiple branches it would be handy to handle multiple Connections.

In multi-tenant scenarios, company go to great lengths to ensure the same chart of accounts, same subaccounts, same financial calendar, same currency.  In that situation, instead of having formulas such as: =ACCOUNTTURNOVER(nConnection,S$4,$G23,$A23#,$B23,S$5,S$2,S$3)+ACCOUNTTURNOVER(nConnection2,S$4,$G23,$A23#,$B23,S$5,S$2,S$3)+ACCOUNTTURNOVER(nConnection3,S$4,$G23,$A23#,$B23,S$5,S$2,S$3)+ACCOUNTTURNOVER(nConnection4,S$4,$G23,$A23#,$B23,S$5,S$2,S$3)+ACCOUNTTURNOVER(nConnection5,S$4,$G23,$A23#,$B23,S$5,S$2,S$3)+ACCOUNTTURNOVER(nConnection6,S$4,$G23,$A23#,$B23,S$5,S$2,S$3) 
it would be easier to easier to have a formula such as:

:=ACCOUNTTURNOVER(nConnections,S$4,$G23,$A23#,$B23,S$5,S$2,S$3) where nConnections is a TEXTJOIN of the multiple connections.

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Jeremy Myers posted 13 days ago

This is an ask for several customers.

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Damien Zwillinger

Damien Zwillinger posted 7 months ago Admin

Hi Jeffrey

Thanks for posting this great idea! I have moved it to the Acumatica Ideas & Feature requests forum.

I believe there is a lot of value in supporting this scenario - not the case today, and there is no other way but to combine multiple functions like you do.

We will leave the idea there for the community to add more votes, and we will research and consider this idea at the same time.

Thanks and Happy holidays! 

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Miron Shikhov

Miron Shikhov posted 7 months ago Admin

Hi Jeffrey!

This looks like a great idea for a feature request.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

We actually have a separate section for ideas - https://help.velixo.com/support/discussions/forums/153000037035. It might be worth duplicating it there.

Let me ask our Product team to review your request and provide a feedback. 

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