Intacct - option to return Credit and Debit in addition to turn over?

Posted 7 months ago by Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts

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It would be helpful to have ability to pull credit and debits from Intacct instead of only Turnover.  A turnover can hide large movements as long as they tie out.   

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Damien Zwillinger

Damien Zwillinger posted 5 months ago Admin

Hi Tom 

We delivered your request in Velixo NX 2023.12, which got released on December 29th, see full release notes here.

There are now 4 new functions, namely: SI.DEBITS, SI.CREDITS, SI.ADJDEBITS, SI.ADJCREDITS that you can use in your TB.

Just as a note, we also added Debit and Credit as new columns in Drilldown sheets.

Thanks for posting this idea and let us know if this works for you.

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Damien Zwillinger

Damien Zwillinger posted 6 months ago Admin

Hi Tom.

We have been made aware by Sage that this was undocumented yet recently added to the API in their 2023R4 release. So we will be able to support this as functions and in drilldown as soon as possible. I'll update this idea when timing is confirmed.

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Harry Lewis posted 6 months ago Admin

We agree, Tom!  We're hoping that Sage Intacct will make that data available through the API (while still supporting filtering by dimensions, which is the problem with the new API vs. the legacy one).  We have made this request directly to Sage Intacct and are awaiting their response. We will keep you posted.

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