Accounts and Subaccounts with History - Reverse Sorting

Posted 7 months ago by Kirill Boyko

Kirill Boyko
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We have a formula, ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY, the order of data is always "take a GL account, then find all Subaccounts for that GL account that has activity. When done, move to the next GL account".   I would like to suggest the reverse sorting ("Take a Subaccount, find all affected GL accounts and list them in accending order, then, when done, move to the next Subaccount")

Hope it makes sense.

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Gabriel Michaud

Gabriel Michaud posted 7 months ago Admin


This can be achieved by using the =SORT() function, and optionally the CHOOSECOLS function if you want to have the subaccount code displayed first:


Attached is a screenshot showing the result.

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