Velixo certifies its compatibility with Acumatica 2023 R2

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Acumatica requires every Certified and Fullfilled-by-Acumtica ISV software to ensure full compliance and compatibility with their latest software versions.

Acumatica 2023R2 was recently released, and Velixo successfully recertified.

We can confirm the following versions of Velixo are fully compatible with Acumatica 2023R2:

  • Velixo Classic (Annual channel) 7.0.883.54349 released on October 23th 2023, see Release notes
  • Velixo Classic (Insider channel) 7.0.874.3531 released on September 29th 2023, see Release notes
  • Velixo NX 2023.10 released on October 25th 2023, see Release notes

Verifying compatibility

To understand whether you need to update, you can:

  • run the =VELIXOVERSION() formula in any empty cell, or
  • for Velixo Classic - navigate to Advanced -> Check for Updates in the Velixo ribbon, or 
  • open Connection Manager and check the information at the bottom of the side panel

If it displays 7.0.874.3531, 2023.10 or higher, no action is required. Otherwise, to ensure compatibility with Acumatica 2023R2, Velixo will need to be updated.

Velixo Classic Update instructions 

For upgrade instructions, please visit Upgrading to a newer version of Velixo Classic

The latest Classic installer can be downloaded from this article.

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