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Posted 7 months ago by Damien Zwillinger

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Hi there. I thought I'd share this one here. It is something that may be obvious to most users as it is a core concept of Velixo functions, but since it was confusing to someone we had a call with, it's worth documenting for the community.

You can easily find out which fields are required or optional in any Velixo function by looking at the function tooltip and spotting those parameters wrapped around square brackets.

In this below example:

  • ConnectionName, Journal and PostingDate are required parameters
  • but every other parameter is optional, such as: [ReverseDate], [JournalDescription]

Since some of the Velixo Writeback functions include many columns, it's important to understand that it was designed this way for flexibility purposes (you can use those if you have the need) but most parameters are in fact optional, meaning they can remain blank (with no value).

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