Facility to use Slicers for selection of companies, branches, subaccounts and subaccount segments

Posted 8 months ago by Jeffrey Patch

Jeffrey Patch
In Progress

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Slicers are an excellent Excel tool for user interface selection of parameters to filter data.  

To use them with Velixo though is rather convoluted.  For instance if you set up slicers for say the different subaccount segments, and these slicers are connected to to subaccount pivot table then you can get excel to return a list of subaccounts that Velixo can use, but the formulation required is what most people would consider to be advanced excel skills.  great to use but too complex for most Excel users to maintain.

It would be great if Velixo could dumb this down so that we could get out of the box functions that has the slicer interface.  Based on the user selections there are two outputs:  1.  A semi-colon delimited list of subaccounts  2; an array of subaccounts.

Similarly slicers for Project reporting.

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Gabriel Michaud

Gabriel Michaud posted 8 months ago Admin

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the suggestion. We're working on new functions that will make working with subaccount segments and building slicers a lot easier than today. Stay tuned!


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