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Posted 2 months ago by Nathaniel Travis

Nathaniel Travis
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I am working in a company with 2 tenants that we use a lot, two separate businesses, that for ME I look at closely together and consolidate.

I want to build a Prepaid reconciliation, I have done a GL to pull the data from each, and now I want to combine the results into a single table to pivot.  But I can't seem to achieve this, is there another route I should be taking here?

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Gabriel Michaud

Gabriel Michaud posted 2 months ago Admin

Great suggestion Harry! 

Nathaniel, to ensure you don't have the column headers from your GI twice in the resulting table, I would suggest that you set the IncludeHeader argument of the =GI() function to true on only one of the inquiries.

I attached a quick sample for you that uses two different tenants. Note that if you want to have the tenant name as part of results (for filtering/grouping in your pivot), my suggestion is to add a formula-column in your GI that returns a value, ex: ='Company1' in a new column called Tenant.

To make sure your pivot table does expand based on number of rows, you need to use this technique: Using Pivot Tables with your Velixo Generic Inquiry reports

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Harry Lewis posted 2 months ago Admin

Have you considered using the Velixo COLLATE function to combine the two result sets?

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