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Velixo is running without VBA support
Velixo is running without VBA support
due to your system preventing access to a necessary Registry key
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When starting Excel with Velixo installed, the following message is displayed:

With older versions of Velixo, the following message could be displayed:

Text from the message

Velixo is running without VBA support due to your system preventing access to a necessary registry key.

In case you need Velixo's VBA functionality, consider running Excel as as an administrator or allow-listing Velixo in your antivirus software.

Otherwise, you can continue working normally.


A component of Velixo requires access to a specific key in the Windows Registry in order to activate Velixo's ability to support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Something in the current system is blocking the current user account from accessing that Registry key. The most common causes are security settings or antivirus software.


If you do not need access to Velixo's ability to support VBA, you can simply click OK to ignore the message and proceed.

If, however, you need VBA support, there are some additional options.

Option 1

Starting Excel with administrator privileges may provide access to the Windows Registry.

  1. From the Windows task bar, search for Excel

  2. Right-click on the Excel app and select Run as administrator

  3. Once Excel has started (and no VBA message is displayed), close Excel

  4. Restart Excel normally

If successful, Excel should start without displaying the message.

Note: it may be necessary to occasionally repeat this process if the message appears in the future.

Option 2

Contact your system administrator about "allow-listing" Velixo within your antivirus software. This may allow Velixo to access the necessary Registry key.

It may be necessary for the user to log out and log back in (or restart the computer) in order for this type of change to be reflected.

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