How does Velixo Communicate
Over the Internet?
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Velixo may connect to our website under the following circumstances:

  • To refresh your licensing information (this information is cached and should happen every 7 days or less). Less than 1Kb is downloaded from

  • When you click View Transactions on a drilldown sheet – it is a simple HTTP redirect done to work around an issue with Excel, as explained here.

  • Velixo NX also connects to a proxy server on to retrieve data due to CORS restriction that would prevent us from directly accessing the Acumatica site.

  • Telemetry data (e.g., error reports) are sent to Microsoft Azure ( to facilitate Customer Technical Support and provide an indication of application health.

Other than that, you should only see traffic between Excel and your Acumatica instance. In the following whitepaper, we explain how we extract and cache data for maximum performance:

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