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Getting Started with Velixo NX
#N/A error when using a Velixo NX function
#N/A error when using a Velixo NX function
and provided detail is: 403
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When using a Velixo NX function, the function returns #N/A.

When we hover over the triangle in the cell containing the #N/A, we get a "403" message:

Text from Message:

Value Not Available Error



The 403 error (also called 403 forbidden error) is an HTTP status code that means we are not allowed to access the web page or resource that we requested.


The inquiries used by Velixo are created in one of three workspaces in the site map:

  1. Velixo workspace (if using the Acumatica Customization Project from December 2021 or later)

  2. Data Views workspace (if using an older version of the Customization Project)

  3. Hidden workspace (if using Acumatica 2019 R1 or earlier)

Unless otherwise specified, the inquires inherit the permissions set on the specific workspace.

By default, every role has access to the workspace and every inquiry within it.

However, a system administrator may have defined different access rights which will be inherited by the Velixo inquiries.


See Configuring Access Rights for details about confirming the access rights that are assigned to the Velixo inquiries, and how to work with those rights.

Additional troubleshooting

Optionally, follow these steps to check if the Generic Inquiries that are exposed through your ERP's OData feed can be accessed by a specific user:

  1. In a web browser, enter the OData URL in the following format: Instancename/odata/CompanyName.

    NOTE: CompanyName is necessary in case there are multiple companies in the same instance.

  2. Enter the credentials for accessing the ERP instance.

    NOTE: You must use the [email protected] format when accessing the OData URL).

  3. A list of Generic Inquires that are exposed to OData will appear, in XML format.

  4. Review the list of Generic Inquiries and ensure that all those named VelixoReportsPro-**** that have been setup in your system are shown in the list:


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