New Velixo Ribbon
for all editions for Excel and ERP
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is pleased to announce that our Excel ribbon is changing!

It's now the "Velixo" ribbon

The first thing you might notice is that our ribbon is now named Velixo.

As we have added support for more ERP systems, you've let us know that you understand the difference between the name of your ERP and the Velixo tools you use for your reporting.

To make it easier to find those Velixo tools, you'll now see the Velixo name in your Excel toolbar.

Consistent for all editions of Excel

Each edition of Excel - Windows, Mac, and Excel Online - has its own way of displaying the Excel toolbar. Our old ribbon was based on the way that Excel for Windows typically displays things.

As more and more people have started using not only our Classic product for Windows, by also the new Velixo NX for Mac and Excel Online, and since those editions of Excel now support the ability for us to add a ribbon to the toolbar, we wanted to ensure that you have a consistent look across platforms and between our products - so that it is easy for you to switch environments whenever you need to.

Everything is still there

All of the choices from our traditional ribbon:

are still present in the new ribbon:

We hope that this new design makes it easier for you to use Velixo across all the editions of Excel you may have and with whichever ERP you use.

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