External Server Connections
To what external servers do I need to allow Velixo to connect?
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Organizations may sometimes want to restrict access to their ERP data to certain pre-defined IP addresses. Those organizations may need to know what connections Velixo uses.

There are two distinct platforms for Velixo:

  • Velixo "Classic" is an Excel for Windows add-in that you install for Excel on the local computer.

  • Velixo NX is available for Mac/Excel Online and is installed directly within Excel.

Velixo (Classic for Windows)

For Velixo Classic:

  • The connection to your ERP is made directly between the local machine and the ERP's website. As such, IP address restrictions with the ERP should not affect your ability to sign in.

  • The application does need to verify your license periodically by connecting to secure.velixo.com. This is hosted using Amazon WebServices CloudFront. The list of CloudFront IP Addresses is quite large.

Velixo NX (for Mac and Excel Online)

The connection for Velixo NX relies on a proxy server to make the communication link between the Office JavaScript-based API and your ERP environment. The Velixo NX application server is hosted at app.velixo.com and is load/geo balanced using CloudFlare, which has their own list of public IP addresses.

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