What version of Velixo do I have?
Finding your version of Velixo (Classic for Windows)
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Sometimes, you may want to know what version of Velixo you have (or you may get asked about it, if you send in a support request)

Let's Find Out

Method #1

Check for Updates

You can easily find what version of Velixo Classic you are using by selecting Check for Updates from the Advanced tools pulldown.

If you have the latest version for your installation channel, you will get a message stating that you are up to date!

If you have an older version, you will see a message letting you know that a new version is available:

Method #2

Use the VelixoVersion function

If you enter the VelixoVersion function into a cell, that cell will display the current Velixo version information:

Velixo NX version:

Note: if you are using Excel for Mac or Excel Online, you can see your version number at the bottom of the Velixo panel:

(Velixo NX also supports the VelixoVersion function)

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