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Embedding a Velixo Report in the ERP Dashboard
Embedding a Velixo Report in the ERP Dashboard
Static versions of a report can be placed in the Dashboard
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After creating a Velixo report, it can sometimes be helpful to be able to view the report directly within your ERP Dashboards

How to do it

Spreadsheets that are saved to SharePoint/OneDrive can be embedded. The main limitation is that they are read-only and cannot be refreshed from the dashboard (this is a limitation within Excel, not your ERP or Velixo).

You can add them to a dashboard as an external embedded page.

This is accomplished using the Excel Online "Embed" functionality:


  • Creating a new dashboard

  • Adding a widget to embed and external Excel Online spreadsheet

If you wish to refresh the report, you can click on the Excel link to view it in Excel Online (with Velixo NX) or the Desktop Edition of Excel with the Classic version of Velixo.

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