The Velixo NX drilldown feature presents a summary of underlying data that corresponds to a cell containing a Velixo function.

A simple example will demonstrate how easy it is to create a drilldown.

Let's consider a chart of accounts which lists the ending balance for each account. In this list, we locate the Inventory Purchase Accrual account and click on the Ending Balance cell (see the figure below).

To get a drill-down for this number, we would click the Drilldown button in the Analysis section of the NX side panel.

This opens a new worksheet tab which displays summary information for the data on which the Ending Balance value is based:

The Drilldown worksheet

In a Drilldown worksheet, we can quickly navigate to the reference data:

  • We can click any of the links in the Source Cell column to return to the original Velixo function.

  • We can click any of the links in the Transactions column to open the corresponding results in the Account Details page within Acumatica.

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