Using Project Forecast Writeback
to update project forecasts using Velixo and Excel for Windows
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This feature is available in the classic Velixo product for Excel for Windows


If you have Acumatica's Project Forecasting feature enabled, you can view the Project Budget Forecast within Acumatica and see any of the project forecast revisions for the specific project:

Acumatica provides the ability to take any revision and make it the budget for the project:


The Velixo Project Forecast Writeback feature provides a powerful and flexible method of entering project forecast data.

To help with this, we can use the Project Forecast Builder Excel file:

(you may need to right-click on the file and select Save link as)

and two custom Acumatica Generic Inquiries:

Once downloaded, the custom inquiries can be imported into Acumatica by a system administrator:

The Excel file is linked to the sample database for the Acumatica Constuction Edition but can be edited to work with any Acumatica database.


Watch the video below as Gabriel walks you through the process:

Note: Using Project Forecast Writeback with your ERP's multi-factor authentication requires that the ERP's single sign-on ("OAuth2") feature also be enabled.

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