A Velixo NX drilldown feature presents a summary of underlying data that corresponds to a cell containing a Velixo function.

A simple example will demonstrate how easy it is to create a drilldown.

Let's consider a Trial Balance report. In this list, we locate the Inventory Purchase Accural account and click on the Turnover cell (see the figure below).

To get a drill-down for this number, we would click the Drilldown button on the Analysis tab of the Velixo side panel:

This opens a new worksheet (named Drilldown) which displays the summary information on which the Turnover total was based


You can perform as many drilldowns as you like. Each additional click of the Drilldown button will open a new worksheet.

The Drilldown worksheet

In a Drilldown worksheet, we can quickly navigate to the reference data:

  • We can click any of the links in the Source Cell column to return to the original Velixo function.

  • We can click any of the links in the Transactions column to open the corresponding results within the Acumatica Account Details screen:


These tips will help us get more out of the drill-down feature:

  • Before drilling down, it is recommended that we Refresh our results. Even when a cell may display an outdated value from a prior refresh, the drill-down will always contain the latest information from Acumatica.

  • Drilling down can also be performed on certain Excel summarizing functions (e.g., SUM & AVERAGE).

  • To improve performance, we'll want to minimize the number of cells that we include in our drill-down.


  • If we are using SUMIF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, or the INDEX function, the drill-down won't work. This is because it cannot identify all of the cells that were included. Since Excel applies formula auditing, it includes the entire source range in such functions, and the drill-down feature cannot display the complicated results.

  • Complex math operations cannot be represented, since a drill-down merely presents a summary of all the relevant accounts.

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