Occasionally in troubleshooting an issue, it can be helpful (and you may be directed by Velixo Technical Support) to deactivate the Velixo add-in.

Manually Deactivating the Velixo Reports Excel Add-in

  1. In Excel:

    1. - Click File

    2. - Click Options

    3. - Click Add-ins

    4. - Select Excel Add-ins in the Manage textbox

    5. - Click the Go... button

  2. On the Add-ins screen, uncheck the box for Velixo Reports Pro Excel Add-In...

    ... and then click OK

The Acumatica ribbon should now be removed from you Excel toolbar.

Depending on the issue you are working to address, it may be advisable to close and re-start Excel to ensure that the Velixo add-in remains deactivated.

Note: This information applies to Velixo Reports (for Excel for Windows). If you are using Velixo NX with Excel for Mac or Excel Online, see Uninstalling Velixo NX.

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