After updating to a new version of Velixo Reports, you may see a message similar to this:

Except text from message:

Inquiries Configuration

The following inquiries are not set up or need upgrading:

The connection uses the Customization Mode. To configure the inquiries, you must follow the process described at velixo.com/customization.

While you can continue working, some features might not be available.


Either the listed Acumatica Generic Inquiries are missing or (most commonly), the installed version of Velixo Reports includes new functionality which requires an update to one or more of the generic inquiries that are already installed in Acumatica.

Your installation of Acumatica uses Velixo's Customization Mode. An Acumatica administrator will need to update the Acumatica Customization Project.

As noted, you can continue to work until the Acumatica Customization Project is updated. The existing generic inquiries will be left in Acumatica. You (and anyone else using Velixo Reports) will be able to use the same functionality that is supported by those existing inquiries. he new Velixo functionality will become available once the Acumatica Customization Project is updated by a system administrator.

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