The General Ledger functions in Velixo Classic (version 6.1.1 or higher) support the use of Excel array references for any of the parameters.

Examples would be:

  • A1:A100,

  • A1#

  • {"10200", "10300", "10400"}

Multiple arguments can be Excel arrays or cell ranges (but all non-single-value arguments must have the same size) and the function will produce a dynamic array of the same size


In this example, cell C3 contains a dynamic array function (EXPANDACCOUNTRANGE):

The function in cell D3 contains a dynamic reference to the entire array in cell C3. Used this way, the ACCOUNTNAME function will return the name of every account shown in column C.

Each parameter in a function can reference a different array (as long as each array is the same size):

(here, both the ACCOUNT and BRANCH parameters reference a range of cells)

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