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Using Velixo on ARM-based PCs
Using Velixo on ARM-based PCs
Velixo NX is recommended for these systems
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Manufacturers first introduced Windows on ARM-based PCs in 2017. The ability to run Windows on ARM-based systems (MS Surface, HP Spectre x2, Lenovo Miix 630, Mac M1, etc.) offers always-on connectivity, instant wake, and many of them come with cellular connectivity.

While Microsoft Windows is designed for x86/64 systems (from Intel and AMD), ARM-based PCs (including Mac M1) include emulation for x86, so that they are able to use many Windows-based applications. This emulation is both excellent and has some limitations.

Microsoft has released updates to Excel (Beta Channel version 2211 or newer) on which the emulation mode is substantially better than in prior versions. ARM-based systems can take a little longer (than an Intel-based system) to initially load Excel with add-ins such a Velixo, but subsequent performance appears to be good.

For older releases of Excel, Velixo recommends the use of Velixo NX for those clients using ARM-based systems.

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