When using using Velixo to access MYOB Advanced, you can see the following message:

Text from Message:

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> PX.Data.PXException: You are not allowed to log in as you don't have any API user licenses
at MYOB.AdvancedLive.Core.Services.LicenseServiceImpl.ValidateUser()
at PX.Data.PXLogin.PX.Data.IPXLogin.LoginUser(String& userName, String password)
at PX.Api.Services.LoginService.Login(String login, String password, String company, String branch, String locale, String prefix)
at PX.Api.ContractBased.ILoginServiceExtensions.LoginForSoapApi(ILoginService loginService, IMultiFactorService multiFactorService, String login, String password, String company, String branch, String locale)
at PX.Api.Soap.Screen.ScreenGate.Login(String name, String password)


MYOB Advanced has special user licensing requirements for using certain features, such as:

  • Creating or updating inquiries

  • Using Writeback

If the user profile being used to access MYOB does not have an API license, the above message is displayed.


Either the user profile would need to have an API licensed assigned to it...

... or the action being attempted would need to be done by someone whose user profile already has an MYOB API license.

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