When using certain Velixo functions in Excel Online or Excel for Mac, Excel can display only the #BUSY! message:

It is normal for Excel to temporarily display #BUSY! while Velixo NX retrieves values from your ERP (Acumatica, MYOB, etc.). Under typical conditions, however, cells should display the requested data as that data is returned by the ERP.


This issue is only experienced when a single Velixo function returns several thousand rows for data.

The Microsoft Office Javascript interface used by Excel to communicate with Velixo NX includes a limit to the amount of data that can be displayed as a result of a custom function in a single cell.

In the above example, the Velixo GI function is accessing an inquiry that returns data in excess of that Office limit.


There are a couple of reporting techniques that can be applied to avoid this issue.

  • The GI function can be designed to use the GIFILTER function to limit the amount of data that is being retrieved from the ERP

  • Multiple GI functions can be used - each retrieving a subset of the full dataset

Note: Using Velixo NX with Excel for Windows is not recommend. However, this issue can also occur in that configuration.

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