Occasionally someone will inadvertently install Velixo NX (for Mac and Excel Online) on a system running Excel for Windows:

Here is how to uninstall Velixo NX.

On the Excel toolbar, go to the Insert ribbon and select My Add-ins:

From the Office Add-ins windows, click the three dots next to the Velixo add-in...

... click Remove from the menu..

... and then click Remove on the displayed dialog:

You can now download and install Velixo Reports Classic for use with Excel for Windows

Note: It is possible for Excel files to maintain a reference to an add-in even after the add-in has been uninstalled. When this occurs, it is necessary to manually remove that reference.

In Excel, click on File -> Info -> Check for Issues -> Inspect Document:

On the Document Inspector window, check the boxes for

  • Content Add-ins

  • Task Pane Add-ins

and then click Inspect.

If the Document Inspector reports that there are add-ins still found...

  • click Remove All

  • click Close

  • save the workbook

  • close Excel

  • restart Excel

  • open the workbook

This should remove any reference to Velixo NX that was still maintained in the workbook.

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