When using Velixo Classic (for Windows), there are two ways to configure the behind-the-scenes tools that are used. Each method has its advantages, and which an organization chooses greatly depends on the features that are needed.

Easy Start Mode

As noted by the name, Easy Start Mode is very easy to configure. You simply need to Download and Install the Velixo Excel add-in and allow the installation process to handle the configuration of the necessary tools.

In this mode:

  • After connecting with username and password, Velixo will offer to configure any missing inquiries for you (hence "easy start" - so you can start working right away without leaving Excel).

  • Similarly, in case any of those inquiries are changed in subsequent versions of Velixo, the user can opt in to having the app upgrade the inquiries during the connection process.

  • The inquiries will be numbered automatically by Acumatica (GI.XX.XX.XX); if the user needs to update or re-create the inquiries, a new screen ID will be assigned each time and any assigned permissions will need to be set again.

  • The button "Re-create inquiries" is available in the Connection Manager in the burger menu for each connection.

  • Single sign-on is not available for use with Velixo.

  • The Project Forecast Writeback feature is not available.

Customization Mode

To use Customization Mode, an Acumatica administrator must first Import and Publish the Velixo Acumatica Customization Package.

The package includes the Velixo Connected Application Configuration required for single sign-on, the necessary Generic Inquiries used by Velixo, as well as the web services needed for Project Forecast Writeback.

In this mode:

  • Single sign-on can be used when connecting to Acumatica using Velixo.

  • The Project Forecast Writeback is available.

  • All the Velixo generic inquiries are established during the publishing of the Customization Project. These inquiries will have fixed screen IDs starting with VE.XX.XX.XX (simplifying permission management when inquiries need to be updated).

  • In case any of those inquiries are changed in subsequent versions of Velixo, an Acumatica administrator can Update the Acumatica Customization to make the latest changes available to all Velixo users.

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