The Velixo Help Center includes several sample reports that you can download and view.

These reports use Velixo demo data and can be examined to give you idea for designing your own reports, or can be modified to use your data.

Let's look at an example of how to do that.


I have downloaded the P&L, Trial Balance, Cash Flow sample report...

... which looks like this in my Excel:


I can review how the report is composed. This lets me see what techniques are used and gives me idea for creating my own reports.

To make this easier, I will click Unhide all from the Acumatica ribbon:

This will "unhide" those rows & columns that have been hidden in the final version of the report (and which contain certain "behind the scenes" information on which the report is based):

I can check each Velixo function within the report to determine where the parameters are located.

For example, I can see the location of the Ledger name (cell D3), the Account numbers (cell A13), and the beginning and ending financial periods (cell D1 and D2) for the ACCOUNTTURNOVER function in cell D13.

Change the Connection

If I want, I also have the option of resetting the report to work with my own data.

To do this, I click on Connection Manager...

... and then Edit the existing Demo connection...

... by setting the URL and Tenant info to match my Acumatica:

(and the Username and Password I use to log in to Acumatica).

Update the Report

Then, I can change the report to reference the data for my Acumatica.

For example, maybe my Net Sales accounts are in accounts 500000 through 599999 instead of in the 4???? demo range.

I can change the values from:


I can make similar changes to the next sections by replacing the demo AccountClass names...

...with those that are present in my Acumatica.

I can also adjust the financial periods and ledger names listed at the top of the report...

... to match the data in my Acumatica.


Once I have completed making the adjustments, I have report that works with my data.

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