After updating to a new version of Velixo Reports, you may see a message similar to this:

Except text from message:

Inquiries Configuration

The following inquiries need upgrading:

Note: the upgraded inquiries will be re-created with a new Screen ID. If you previously assigned any access rights to Velixo generic inquiries, you'll need to set them up again after the upgrade.

Would you like to configure the inquiries now?


The installed version of Velixo Reports includes new functionality which requires an update to one or more of the generic inquiries that are already installed in Acumatica.

What happens if I click "Yes"?

If you click Yes and you have sufficient access rights to create generic inquiries, the existing inquiries listed in the message will be replaced with the new versions used by this version of Velixo Reports. As noted in the message, these new inquiries will have different screen names that the inquiries they are replacing. If any access rights were previously assigned to those inquiries, those rights will need to be assigned to the new inquiries.

Note: if you do not have sufficient access rights, an error message will be displayed.

What happens if I click "No"?

If you click No, the existing generic inquiries will be left in Acumatica. You (and anyone using Velixo Reports) will not have access to the latest Velixo functionality that the new inquiries support, but you will be able to use the same functionality that is supported by those existing inquiries.

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