When connecting to your ERP system, you may see a message similar to the following:

❗️This variant of the message is only displayed if your connection uses the Easy Start Mode. If you're seeing a pop-up dialogue that mentions the customization mode, see this article instead.

Possible cause 1

If you see this message immediately after updating Velixo, it is displayed because the updated version of Velixo Reports includes new functionality that depends on a not-yet-configured generic inquiry in Acumatica.

In this scenario, the resolution section below is recommended but not urgent, 🟢 you can continue to use Velixo and Excel regardless of whether you click "Yes" or "No".

Possible cause 2

If you see this message "out of the blue" without updating Velixo, it may be the case that someone inadvertently deleted one of the Generic inquiries used by Velixo from Acumatica.

In this rare scenario, it is recommended to proceed with the resolution below as soon as possible.


By default, we recommend you to click "Yes" and let Velixo configure the missing inquiries.

In case this process ends with an error, it may mean your Acumatica user doesn't have the necessary access rights to configure new inquiries in the system. In this case, try following the troubleshooting steps here.

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