During connection to your ERP, the following information message appears:

Variant 1, appears if your ERP tenant uses the Velixo customization:

Variant 2, appears if your ERP tenant does not use the Velixo customization:


Did you recently update Velixo? If yes, 🟢 this is not an error 🟢, but a purely informational message. It means the new version of Velixo you just installed has:

  • added some Generic Inquiries, or

  • added columns to the existing ones,

We do this to facilitate the new features in the update. You are not blocked and can continue working with your existing reports.

See the "Resolution" section below for details on how to dismiss the message.

If you did not update Velixo recently, skip to the "Situation 3" below.


Pick your situation from one of the situations below.

Situation 1: I just updated Velixo, and I see a Variant 1 message:

You can continue working normally 🟢, just press OK and continue using Velixo Reports 😊.

In the meanwhile, also ask your Acumatica administrator to publish the latest version of Velixo customization whenever it's convenient to get rid of this info box upon connection.

❗ Did you know there was a way to republish a customization without restarting the website and kicking out the users? Visit the link above to learn more. Using the method outlined, in many cases, you can republish the customization to multiple tenants right away and get rid of the info message immediately.

Situation 2: I just updated Velixo, and I see a Variant 2 message

Press "Yes" for Velixo to automatically re-configure the updated inquiry and continue using Velixo.

Situation 2a

Sometimes, after pressing "Yes" in the dialog above, you may see an error similar to the one below:

It means that your ERP user does not have the necessary access rights to re-configure the inquiries. In this case, do the following:

  • Press OK.

  • Attempt to establish the connection again, but this time press "No" when prompted to reconfigure the inquiries.

Continue working normally, you can use Velixo as usual! 🟢😊

In the meanwhile, reach out to your ERP administrator who has the necessary access rights, and ask them to:

  • either connect with Velixo themselves to configure the inquiries,

  • or to temporarily give you the access rights for inquiries configuration (then you'll be able to successfully press "Yes" during the next prompt).

Situation 3. I know for a fact that we did not update Velixo recently, the information box just appeared out of the blue.

We saw that happen when someone inadvertently changed one of the Generic inquiries used by Velixo, on the Generic Inquiry screen (e.g. accidentally deleted or renamed an inquiry column).

In this rare scenario, it is recommended to reconfigure the inquiries soon by either republishing the customization (dialog Variant 1), or letting Velixo upgrade the inquiries from the app (dialog Variant 2).

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