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Sharing Reports in Microsoft Teams
Sharing Reports in Microsoft Teams
How to use Microsoft Teams with your Velixo reports
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For those Velixo users who are also connected to Microsoft Teams there is a great opportunity to get the most of this integration. Storing reports in the cloud and sharing them across the organization can now be performed in the most straightforward way.

Manage your Velixo reports with Teams

Once you have a team created, a SharePoint Online site will be created in the background. That means, all files shared in Teams are stored in the associated site in SharePoint. But you might want to have different groups of people you want to share reports with. The best way to do that is to create a channel. Right click on your team’s name and select Add channel from the context menu.


In the Create a channel dialog enter:

  • name for your channel,

  • description(optional)

And select a channel’s type (standard/private) depending on the preferred privacy requirements:


Since the team’s channel corresponds to a folder in SharePoint you can easily separate the final reports from the intermediate ones to ensure your documents are not messed up. All files available are show in the Files tab. Go to this tab and create as many nested folders as required. Click New on the Ribbon and select Folder:


Reports can be easily opened in Excel from Teams by selecting the appropriate option:


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