Microsoft Windows

The Velixo Classic Add-in for Excel is compatible with

Excel 2010 for Windows and later.

(For advanced GI and List features, we recommend Excel 365)

Using Excel for Mac or Excel Online?

You may be interested in Velixo NX.

Installing Velixo Classic

Your partner will provide a download link to the installation file. If you do not have that link, you can download the appropriate version of Velixo Classic here.

Step 1

Choose how often you would like to get updates to your installation of Velixo.

Click the link for the appropriate channel:

The Velixo Insider Channel is updated several times per year with the latest features and improvements. The current Insider Channel installer works with all of the ERPs supported by Velixo Classic.

Annual Channel

Approximately 1 to 2 each year, the changes from recent Insider releases are rolled up into the Annual Channel. This option is available for those clients who do not need the most recent features or want to update their systems on a less frequent basis.

The current Annual Channel installer is ERP-specific. Please select your ERP:

Step 2

Locate the downloaded file:


Step 3

Click on the file. The installer will start, and you just need to follow along.

Installation takes only a few seconds. When complete, leave the check in the box and click the Finish button to launch Excel automatically.

Updating the Velixo add-in

Automatic updating is built into the product. Every time you start Excel, the add-in will check the Channel you selected to see if a newer version is available and offer to download it.

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