During the initial configuration of the application, you may receive an error message saying that the inquiries could not be configured:


Excerpt from error message:

An error occurred during configuration of inquiry... Please ensure that you have the necessary rights to create a Generic Inquiry... Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_MUISubcategory'. Cannot insert duplicate key


This error arises when there is a minor data inconsistency issue in one of the tables used to configure the user interface. The affected user typically has at least one customization project published that has altered the generic inquiry screen ID numbering sequence with an ISV prefix.

The same error can be seen inside Acumatica if you create a new inquiry and click Expose via OData. This condition affects a very small percentage of users. Though this causes the inquiry creation process to stop, the inquiry gets created anyway.


Reconnect and restart the inquiry creation process until all the inquiries have been created.

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