Symptom: you experience any of the following problems:

  1. Velixo Reports installer fails with an error.

  2. After you install the product, the Acumatica ribbon is not visible in the Excel toolbar.

  3. The Acumatica ribbon is visible, but any of the Velixo functions are unavailable.

It is recommended that you follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below in the specified order.

Possible cause: unsuitable Microsoft Office version

Ensure that you are using at least Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows, or a later version. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

Possible cause: the installation did not complete properly

Attempt to uninstall and reinstall the product again.

Restart Excel.

Possible cause: the add-in was automatically disabled by Excel

In some cases, the add-in might be automatically disabled by Excel during start-up.

To double-check, open Excel and follow these steps:

Open the File menu:


Next, select Options:


In the popup window, click the Add-ins menu item. You should see two entries in the Add-ins list.


The add-in will not function properly if either component is disabled. Choose Disabled Items from the small drop-down menu at the bottom of the window and then press the Go button. If any item is disabled, it will appear in the popup window:


Select any Velixo items and click Enable for each of those.

Restart Excel.

Possible cause: the add-in was explicitly disabled by the user.

If nothing appeared in the Disabled Items popup window on the previous step, verify that both the Excel Add-ins and COM Add-ins sections contain a check in the box for Velixo Reports.

Back in the File -> Options -> Add-ins window (see above), in the Manage drop-down, select Excel Add-ins and click Go:


Ensure that the check-box for Velixo is checked, and click OK.

Then, in the Manage drop-down, select COM-Add-ins and click Go.


Ensure that the check-box for Velixo Reports is also checked, and click OK.

Restart Excel.

Possible cause: Excel add-ins are forbidden by the Trust Center settings

Under File -> Options -> Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings:


Select the Add-ins menu item:


Ensure that the Disable all ... checkbox is not checked, and press OK.

Restart Excel.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If following the steps above does not resolve your problem, here are additional troubleshooting steps that you can follow:

Possible cause: auto-load registry key deletion or corruption

Check registry settings to ensure the XLL file is set to auto-load. The exact path will depend on the version of Excel that you have installed. For Excel 2016, the path is:


In this registry key, you should find a string value named OPEN and pointing to the path where the XLL file is installed:


Possible cause: users are forbidden from running .msi installers

We've seen an issue on Windows Server (remote desktop / terminal server) environments where the users were not allowed to run unmanaged application installs.

(This might also be the default behaviour on your system, see this Microsoft support article for reference)

Allow unmanaged application installs by adding / setting the following registry key:


Last resort: attempt to open the add-in manually

If everything else has failed, you can attempt to open the add-in manually from the Windows application data folder:

%APPDATA%\Velixo\Velixo Reports Pro for Excel and Acumatica

Look in each of the three AppData folders for your user. In case there is no Velixo folder, it means that the product was not installed at all and you should contact support.

Double-click VelixoReportsPro32.xll for 32-bit versions of Excel, or VelixoReportsPro64.xll for 64-bit versions. Velixo Reports contains a digital signature. However, depending on your security settings, Excel may prompt you to trust this add-in.

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