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Difference between Support and Consultation
Difference between Support and Consultation
What is "Support" and what are "Paid Services"
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Velixo's Technical Support program is designed to provide fast and effective help with product questions and support issues during business hours. It features access to the online Support Portal and Knowledge Base for how-to questions and support cases for Velixo product support. We have experienced support staff in multiple time zones to ensure worldwide coverage. Cases are handled:

  • Primarily through email to [email protected]

  • alternately, using the on-line chat functionality on (you should see the chat button at the bottom right of this page!)

As a follow-up, we may ask you to switch over to teleconferencing (Microsoft Teams) for more in-depth troubleshooting. Support requests are answered in the order in which they are received (regardless of which method you use to contact us).

Training/Consulting Services or Implementation Services are not included as part of regular product support and need to be purchased separately.

What is Considered Technical Support?

There can be a fine line between a support question and a consulting question. Some topics that are considered to be technical support issues are:

  • Questions about software compatibility and hardware requirements

  • Issues regarding Velixo installation and configuration

  • Velixo error messages

  • Velixo Functions returning #VALUE!, #NAME? or other messages

  • How-to questions about Velixo financial and project management functions

What is Considered a Billable Consultation?

Questions regarding report design are usually considered to be billable consultation. These are typically outside the scope of technical support, as they are not related to technical software issues but, rather, related to training and consulting. Your Velixo support technician will notify you if a billable service has been requested and await your approval before proceeding. Inquiries that Velixo Technical Support can resolve quickly will not generally be considered billable.

Some topics that are considered to be a billable consultation are:

  • Questions on how to design a report

  • Questions about how to create a Generic Inquiry in your ERP

  • Questions about Excel functionality

  • Having one of our consultants conduct a training for installing and using Velixo

  • Having one of our consultants build a report for you - including meetings for gathering requirements

If you are unsure if your inquiry is a technical issue or a billable consultation, we still encourage you to submit a support request.

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