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Message: The server is asking for your user name and password
Message: The server is asking for your user name and password
(after exporting a list from Acumatica)
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When Refreshing a Velixo report after exporting a list from Acumatica, the following message is displayed:


When the Cancel button is clicked, the following error is displayed:


Text from the Messages:

The server is asking for your username and password.


Unable to open... Cannot download the information you requested.


When any list is exported to Excel from Acumatica, a connection to the source data is added to the Excel file (which allows certain data to be re-retrieved from the source).

When you Refresh your Velixo report, Excel will attempt to also update any such extra data connections. When that is done, the server associated with the data connection will prompt for the correct credentials to use to access the data source. When those credentials are not provided, Excel displays the error message.


Within Excel, you can find (and remove) the extra data connection.

Go to the Data ribbon on the Excel toolbar, and select the Queries & Connections button


From the Connections tab of the Queries & Connections window, right click on the listed connection and select Delete:


When the confirmation message is displayed...


... click OK

You will now be able to refresh your Velixo report without being prompted for the credentials for the additional data source.

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