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Error: #N/A displays first when entering a Velixo function
Error: #N/A displays first when entering a Velixo function
and eventually displays data
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When first entering a Velixo function into a worksheet, #N/A appears and it takes a while for data to appear.



When you first enter a Velixo function, the Velixo add-in sends a query to your data connection to retrieve the specific data you have requested. Sometimes the amount of data involved can be quite large and take time to transfer. Until the data has been fully transferred to Excel, Velixo displays that #N/A to let you know that the data is not yet available.

Velixo also displays a status update at the bottom of the Excel window to let you know how much data has been transferred from your data connection:


As the data is retrieved, it is Cached (stored for future use) so that the next time you access that data, Velixo can get it from the much-faster cache rather than having to wait for the information be returned from your data connection.

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