When using Connection Manager to connect to your data, the following error is displayed:


Text of Message:

Customization Project Outdated

The installed Velixo customization project (version x) is outdated:
Version x is available for download.

We recommend to publish the up-to-date customization to use the latest product features (If you do not have access to publishing customizations to your site, contact your administrator).

Would you like to download the latest customization package?


The message indicates that your organization has published the Velixo Customization Package for Acumatica. This customization package provides certain critical functionality (e.g., using Single Sign-on from Velixo). The currently-installed package is out of date with the current version of Velixo Reports and certain functionality will not be available.


It is recommended that a system administrator update the existing customization project, in order to provide Velixo users to with the latest Velixo functionality.

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